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Practical information Iran (budget, housing, transport, food, etc.)

Definitely in the list of the countries that most worth to be visited, would - to see what is the definition of hospitality.

Route (19 days)

Of Antakya in Turkey, we traveled the East of the country by bus to the Bazargan border to finally arrive in Tabriz. Then, bus at night up to Isfahan to Yazd. Meeting of two Germans who travel by car, they invite us to do a roadtrip on the desert highway. Back to Yazd, bus to Shiraz, couchsurfing, and airplane to Istanbul via Sharjah with Air Arabia.

Display around the world 2 years - in a larger map


Average daily budget per person: 19.85 CAD or 180 000 rials (IR).


I don't know how this is happening if we apply in an Iranian Embassy in the Canada.

On the other hand, if you want to get the visa from abroad, you should probably get a code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

Get the code.
To do so, you must, as a Canadian, deal with a specialized agency: we have done business with service was long (1 month for the code). This code (30 euros) must be sent in a single Embassy in the world. Some embassies are better than others.

Note that code is payable by transfer between account or Western Union. In some countries such as the Nepal or the India, it is impossible to send money by W.U.

When Embassy to choose?
Use the Turkey. We did it in Delhi in India and the service was bad and long, but not impossible. The cost of the visa was 40 euros.

The site publishes comments from people who have applied for a visa, which can be a good base of information in the choice of the Embassy.


VERY IMPORTANT: Bring all the money you'll need (and a safety margin) in cash. The euros are preferred, but we had no problem to Exchange US dollars only.

It is possible to use his credit card for Internet purchases.


Palmyra room: 300 Syrian pounds per person.
Aleppo room: 325 Syrian pounds per person.


Apart from the fastfood (pizza, burger, sandwich, etc.), it is difficult to eat for cheap. For the fastfood, expect to pay 10000 to 40000 IR.
A meal of kebab (kebab, rice and grilled tomato) is rarely at the bottom of 40000 IR.


We traveled the country by bus only. Trains were not practical for our route, but, it is good to know that the trains are cheaper than the bus.

Example of price:
-Tabriz - Tehran: 105,000 IR, 8 hours.
-Esfahan - Yazd: 50,000 IR, 4 hours.
-Yazd - Shiraz: 70,000 IR, 5 hours.

Blows of heart

• Landscapes between the Turkey and Tabriz.
• Place of Imam in Esfahan.
• The road to the desert (Oasis of Garmeh and around).
• Desert architecture of Yazd.
• Traditional cuisine (hard to find!)
• Hospitality and generosity of the people.

What we liked least

• The fact that they Americanization without knowing the consequences: alcohol, fasfood, etc...
• The really too much fastfood.
• Dress control for women.

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