Sunday, 2 June 2013

Practical information Syria (budget, housing, transport, food, etc.)

The Syria visit quickly but, worth it to linger a little longer because it is a very nice country for the tourist. The food is good, it is not very expensive and people are welcoming.

Route (17 days)

Arrival in Damascus from Amman by bus. We stayed there ten days because we were billeted and the city we liked. Then, Damascus, we made a round trip to the Lebanon. Back in Syria, we went directly to Palmyra and Allepo (via Homs) before taking a bus to Antakya in Turkey.

Display around the world 2 years - in a larger map


Average daily budget per person: 8.5-CAD or 350 Syrian pounds.


It is here that it is Corsica. If you have a Syrian Embassy in your country, it is officially required to make the visa application. Others can buy the visa at the border.

However, there is evidence that it can obtain the visa at the border (40 JD for Canadians). We have at the border from Beirut to Damascus. We also met people who got it on the Jordanian border. (Backpackers) Americans are waiting for 5 to 8 hours but are (almost) never refused.


Compatible ATM available foreigners everywhere (or almost).


Palmyra room: 300 Syrian pounds per person.
Aleppo room: 325 Syrian pounds per person.


Beautiful and affordable. 20 to 40 pounds for a falafel. A little more expensive shawarma.


The country is well served. Careful to inform you the price for accommodation before you buy your ticket because they sometimes try to overcharge tourists. It is sufficient to know the price to settle the question.

Blows of heart

• People.
• Old Damascus.
• Food/tea

What we liked least

• Not much.

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