Saturday, 8 June 2013

Prepare starting today your summer weekend in London

London in summer, it is a certainly unforgettable moment! Exciting new musicals program, excursions still further beyond the boundaries of fun, moments culturally very strong! The scent of the flowers from Regent's Park, the eloquent aroma of Gladioli, contrasts bluish sky, the brightness of the Thames, the Sun's rays: you certainly here in London during the summer.

Don't worry, after fees, windy, cold and rainy months, June, July and August are months of Sun and colour: the wind is quieter and its light air will caress your skin gently showing even very refreshing. Yes, it is time of falling love with out between buddy girlfriends, laugh, fun, panic, live, and share in this beautiful city!

To move, no problem: the most used transport with bus is of course as we in Paris, the metro. This safe and fast transportation mode can easily take you from one place to another with ease and pleasure. The routes are well designed and well explained to enable visitors to find their destinations without confusion no or discomfort.

Finally the summer and this is the time to be in London

The charm of London in summer will delight you visually and culturally. Open your heart and smile: London you certainly attracted to the bridge of 15 August, is a getaway over 4 days with only its Friday!  At that time, the France travellers make their bags to leave their homes and come to London, to enjoy the passion of the human spirit, find out if different English culture, explore a rich and explosive history and a warm night life.

During the summer weekends, there are many multicultural events that are celebrated and cherished by the addicts in London. For example the Love Box festival from 19 to 21 July to discover the last international talent 3 days completely crazy festivals! Discover our package weekend London theme!

Visitors can feel light by climbing up to 280 metres in height from the top of the Shard, the new Tower of London. For an even more charming tour, an extra flavor is added to your unforgettable visit by booking a romantic weekend in Mini Cooper in London that will allow you to live a moment out of the ordinary in London aboard a classic mini!

After a visit of the city and its many monuments such as the London Eye, St Paul and the Parliament's Cathedral, made a tour to Picadilly Circus and the Museum ' Ripley Believe it or Not "which proposes only discover unusual things! Spread over 5 floors, you can easily discover spectacular, amazing and surely absurd things!
A visit to London is complete without going to see a musical! The city is full of spectacle in this matter! The program for example you can discover the famous piece "We Will Rock You" at the Dominion Theatre where imagination knows no limit. The spectacle is grandiose, artistic, rich and exciting. A real attraction which will lead you into the world of art, colors, music, costumes and dance etc... The performance at the Dominion Theatre leave stunned visitors!

The cultural vastness spreads across this ancient city, artistic and you will certainly spend a comfortable and soft, always active and fun trip!

How to go to London this summer?

Welondres, stays in London specialist offers departures from Paris to London by Eurostar, including hotel train. The goal: provide chic offers in the centre of London at the best prices. And as we live and love London, we regularly go there for find you good plans and attractions that will make your weekend in London unique and very enjoyable!

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