Friday, 7 June 2013

Rotten spring: where to find the Sun?

Before, it was simple: the beautiful first days, when a craving for Sun took me, I was jumping in my car, towards the South. To me the warmth of Provence, raw cherries, the picnics in the garrigue smells of thyme and the first shots on a beach of the Côte d'Azur. Certainly need some time to show imagination to fight against the wind and prevent the sand to invade the pages of my book! But overall I spent all long weekends of May to bask me in the Sun of Chin in Sète, I think of visiting all the tourist places!

Yes but now, for a few years, just changed, the lovely month of may beats records of rainfall. It would come to doubt the "global warming"! In 2013, bother to swallow kilometres of road, to find a bit of Sun and start to Tan. Weather maps follow each other and are similar, to find a bit of sunshine, will go a little further.

Here are some suggestions of destination in pictures, history of make you dream a little. And if you found the sun somewhere, share your comments or on the Facebook page of ebookers Switzerland destinations.

The Greece is one of the favorite destinations of the Swiss this spring, according to the Tribune de Genève! I understand why! Try adventure, choose your island, your hotel and your flight and not forget the sunscreen! My dream island? Santorini! How about you?

After visiting Istanbul, why not test the beaches of Turkey? Antalya, pretty tourist town on the Mediterranean Sea, the Turkish Riviera awaits you. And you can even go there directly from Geneva with Turkish Airways.

Located in the West of Turkey, on the shores of the sea Egeea 95 Km from Izmir. Kusadasi, or island of birds, once small fishing village, has become one of the most famous resorts of the Turkey. Great place to perk you up! You can find flights to Izmir from Geneva.

If the Sun and the sea are not the unique attractions of the Tunisia, this account about so much in the choice of this destination! Bare feet in the sand, let yourself warm by the Sun and lulled by the waves. A sun lounger, umbrella, towel, flip flops, a little music in your iPod, it is not beautiful life?

Before the heat of summer, a tour in the South of Morocco, history to discover a few lush oasis in the middle of the sand dunes. A real change of scenery to a few hours of flights!

I have a weakness for this island in the spring. You can stroll in cycling, hiking along ridges, brief sports vacation in the great outdoors, unless the trip is too long and above all without breaking the Bank!

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