Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stay in Paris without breaking the Bank

The end of the studies, it is a page that turns. And a new chapter begins. To mark the event with a white stone, I decided to celebrate it appropriately. With five friends, we thought that the best way to make memorable memories of this event, it would leave a few days, according to the good old tradition of graduation trip.
Our choice fell unanimously on Paris. Whether you are amateur Festival, culture and history, gastronomy, shopping or that there just want to stroll along the boulevards or get lost in the maze of the picturesque alleys of the city of light, everyone finds his account. On the other hand, Paris accommodation, as in any other European capital, it is another pair of sleeves. Certainly, the offer does not fail, but we have not yet made our entry into the world of work, and for students that we were still up, afford a hotel room was a luxury that our meagre resources did not allow us.
The proposed prices are often prohibitive. On the advice of a friend whose father made frequent trips to Paris in the context of his professional activity, I have consulted the apartment District site, a comparer online best offers for apartment rentals in Paris. Eureka! It was exactly what needed us! The ideal solution and within reach of our exchanges. Not only, rent an apartment in Paris is the least expensive solution for hosting, but, in addition, it allowed us to share the flat six, rather than having to be divided between two hotel rooms. Apartment offer also the advantage, and this is not trivial, organise the stay at our convenience: possibility of cooking and eating hours that we want to invite friends to spend... More difficult, in the end, was to agree on the status of the apartment, because in this area offer lacks little.
Travel us will finally met beyond our expectations, and the choice of the accommodation was for many. No doubt, it is a determining factor when deciding to stay in Paris, without so far offloaded a small fortune. I cannot therefore recommend the apartment District site, for the rental of an apartment. The site is clear and well designed, catalogue of apartments for rent available is very extensive, and the booking takes only a few minutes. A few minutes for a successful stay, the equation is winning, right?

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