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Taiwan will now offer a free access for tourists

by the traveller mai.27, 2013, in Taiwan

A new era should begin to iTaiwan with foreign tourists who may now be able to go on the net and to surf for free at Taiwan. This will then solve the difficulties to have a SIM card in the country because tourists will be able to communicate with their close with Skype software.

It was a very difficult process for foreign travellers to Taiwan because to have SIM card in a store, it was possible that by showing two proofs of identity. Or asking a friendly local to buy it for you.

But it will be soon ends: tourists will now be able to connect to the Internet everywhere in Taiwan and that for free.

The Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and its subordinate agencies, in collaboration with local governments, have implemented approximately 4,400 "iTaiwan" WiFi hotspots in the main tourist sites, in means of transport, cultural institutions and Government offices across the island.

The Taiwan Tourism Office and the Office of research, development and evaluation commission work to provide the maximum comfort for foreign visitors to eliminate communication problems they encounter during a stay in Taiwan. This new service will considerably brighten the already brilliant image of Taiwan for quality travel services.

Tourists arriving in the island can request an iTaiwan account to the Office of tourism of Taiwan, over the counter or a visitor centre on the island. They require that a passport, it has no charge. Once their account is opened, they can go online with their smartphones or tablets compatible with Internet and laptops to connect to any hotspot "iTaiwan" anywhere in Taiwan. All they have to do is select the "iTaiwan" SSID and enter their username and password. This gives them access to tourist information and allows them to communicate with their friends anywhere in the world.

In addition, iTaiwan has established agreements of roaming with four local governments so that tourists who have opened accounts iTaiwan also have access to the TPE-Free terminals in the city of Taipei, New Taipei in new Taipei City, iTaichung in Taichung and Tainan-WiFi in the city of Tainan.

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