Saturday, 1 June 2013

That make during your stay if you enjoy the road?

About 70 km from Areopolis, Sparta and its sumptuous nearby Mistrás: a goal of excursion to provide during your stay.

If the modern city of Sparta will probably disappoint you, go at least greet Leonidas, the most famous of his heroes who sacrificed himself with his companions at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

The ancient remains of the famous Sparta boil down to little, thus confirming the words of the historian Thucydides, who claimed that "if one day the city was destroyed, posterity would barely imagine its former glory".

The sanctuary of Artémis Orthia, place of worship... Spartan!

However, in the immediate vicinity, the impressive ruins of Mistras are amply worth!

Etagés Hill, the remains of the byzantine city will leave you a very strong memory: take the time to stroll... even if the heat is sometimes overwhelming in summer!

The Palace of despots, huge ruin to the fantasy aspect, perhaps houses the ghost of its founder, William of Villehardouin.

The 'Florence of the East", as they called it at the end of the middle ages, was included on the World Heritage list by UNESCO: you judge for yourselves!

Methoni and Pylos: two exciting sites for history buffs!

The bridge over the ditch which allows access to the fortress of Methoni. Attention: closing at 3 p.m.!

The powerful rampart occupies a magnificent site, at the Southwest tip of the Peloponnese.

The lions of St. mark and the coats of arms will remind you: it was a Venetian fief in the middle ages.

Strong picturesque Bourdzi, accessible by a dam from the South of the Citadel.

Since its Summit, splendid views will offer themselves to you on the Bay and the nearby islands.

A few kilometres north of Methoni, Nestor's Palace is one of the architectural Splendors of the West of the Peloponnese.

Updates after the second world war by the University of Cincinnati, the barrel are characteristic of Mycenaean palatial architecture.

Unique testimony: the bath of King Nestor... dated the 12th century BC!

The closet of your room at the hotel Ktima Karageorgou will be certainly more comfortable, but at the time, it was already not bad, no?

If you can watch the sunset over the beautiful Bay of Navarino, you won't regret it!

Sunset on the famous island of Sphacteria, opposite the port of Pylos: no comment...

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