Monday, 3 June 2013

That report your stay?

Undisputed tourist paradise, the Greece is also for sellers of souvenirs, where the worst is sometimes the best...In order to see more clearly in this area, here are some suggestions that will help you maybe in this area.

The ouzo aperitif national based on anise, eaten ice accompanied by plenty of water. Choose the "Plomari" brand, the name of the village of the island of Mytilene where it is made: one of the best wines to drink with moderation, of course!

Cooking with olive oil is a patent of long life: let yourself be tempted by a variety 'Virgin extra, cold pressed': it is you made sometimes taste the spoonful, as it is tasty!

A flask of oil reported in your luggage will remind you the taste of Greek Salad (horiatiki).

In the village of Pyrgos Dirou, you will find beautiful pottery sometimes shaped by hand, very affordable and sometimes very original.

Why not bring a piggy bank in which you would put coins upon your return... to return as soon as possible in Greece?

An example of the local handicraft achievements... among many others!

If you are missing the Sun slide in so one in your luggage!

In General, do not hesitate to make you happy: memories, it is often the coup de coeur!

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