Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The campaign of olive trees: a magical landscape at Grazamela in Andalusia

It is in the vicinity of Grazamela,

in the province of Cádiz 

in Andalusia 

that we encountered one

our best holiday memories of landscapes 

Thus, crossing vast expanses ofolivers  

and shaved cultures,

in a slightly hilly environment,

where the landscape is all in curves 

The landscape of Grazamela in Andalusia is all curves

Photos Spain 2013: all rights reserved ©

Some white farms

that you can cross

contrast with the surrounding Green

and come add yet

a bit of magic to the stage

The white farms and some particularly poor land

bring a special touch to the Andalusian countryside

Photos Andalusia 2013: all rights reserved ©

But this landscape 

is also an important economicaspect

Since agriculture and tourism

are the first two (only two?)

economic resources

inhabitants of Grazamela

The olive tree is a strong structuring landscapes of the Andalusian countryside element

Photos Spain 2013: all rights reserved ©

This is all the more astonishing

When we know that the land is poor.

However, poverty

became in wealth

When it was found that theolivier

liked here for sure

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