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The greco Roman theatre of Aspendos in Turkey and photos

The greco Roman world 

is very present in Turkey,

with remains

really very well preserved 

Among my best memories of holidays

in this register,

Figure our meeting

with the Greek-Roman theatre ofApendos,.

the Théâtre romain the best preserved in the world,.

which reached up to nowadays

Photo of an overview of the greco - Roman theatre of Aspendos

and its exceptional situation

Photos Turkey 2013: all rights reserved ©

It was built

during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius,

and then abandoned in the 7th century

because of the Arab conquests.

The theatre owes his salvation

to a sultan of the 13th

who did restorefor transform it

in his personal residence

The arrived on the site of the theatre of Aspendos 

is very impressive

because it is faced with a high wall,

who was the stage wall,

on which the decorations were hung.

The Roman theatre of Aspendos is remarkably restored

and is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in the world

Photos Turkey 2013: all rights reserved ©


the cavea,

all of the these well restored spans

We suggest theatmosphere of the time,

that should be pretty excitable !

In addition, as in all Roman theatres,.

thesound is excellent,

No one could miss the slightest

crumb of the show

The cavea, or Assembly of the bleachers is complete

and in very good condition,

that lets imagine the atmosphere of the games of the circus of the time

Photos Turkey 2013: all rights reserved ©

Finally, at the top of the theatre,.

In addition to the overview

on thearchitecture of the monument,.

that is the genius of geographical positioning

a Roman that leaps to the eye.

In fact, zero miles to the round

could not ignore this theatre

in a dominant position,.

that overlooks the entire Valley and its river

For the little story,

It is in the theatre of Aspendos

that Dalida gave his last concert

in April 1987


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