Monday, 17 June 2013

The most beautiful honeymoon

After much often a year, or even two, for the preparation of your wedding, you'll certainly want a breather and spend few weeks lovers travel wedding.
It is not always easy to choose the destination of his honeymoon, it must appeal to the two newlyweds, remain in an often limited budget and your travel dates must match a pleasant season in the country of your choice. The paradise islands are the most popular destinations by the bride and groom, but for a honeymoon, he is also sympathetic to dare destinations original like the Mongolia or the Peru or in a smaller budget from simply travelling in a romantic corner of Europe, for example, Tuscany.
To help you finance your Moon of honey, you can think of wedding lists specialising in wedding travel or ask guests to donate for your trip you if they wish to get a gift!
If you are still in the preparation of your wedding, consider to look at sites that offer collections of wedding dresses online, a true asset to choose your favorite brands and then select a few dresses that you can try in-store. The tati marriage 2013 collection for example is impressive by its tiny price, there are even several dresses, new of course, less than €100. This is enough to make savings to keep a bit of budget for accessories beauty or anything else that would make you happy for your wedding!

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