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The rides of funambul (in) e in New York

In my list of blogs that I read regularly, e (in) funambul figures prominently. The beautiful Lausanne Mania the verb as well as humor and his photography skills are not forgotten! I have discovered a series of articles on New York's most interesting. His blog (content and photos) being licensed under Creative Commons, it is possible to resume here articles and photos. Many thanks to funambul (in) e for his generosity!

Photo: funambul e (in) - Creative Commons by-nc-sa

After thinking about how to present you my favorite corners of New York, it seems to me that the solution the less painful to read / more convenient to use is to make a ticket "stroll". It is like that I'm enjoying this city, 1/2 day by district, to articulate with each other depending on the mood, the weather and the desire to walk. With this post (where I'll come linker 6 following tickets by area), it will be 9 tickets on NY. (Sorry for those who don't care, I manage every time on the contents of the ticket is understandable in the intro, in order not to waste your time.) I return to cinema tickets and varnish very soon.)

Begin by what I won't talk to you. As I have said in my practical intro on NY, I will not dwell on Staten Island, on the Bronx or Queens. Firstly because I know nothing, then because the weeks before you, Manhattan and a bit of Brooklyn unless it's already huge to cover.

Photo: funambul e (in) - Creative Commons by-nc-sa

I will not speak of Harlem, but it's a nice area, quite different from what one can see elsewhere in Manhattan, absolutely charming (if you are not located, it's above Central Park). I remember for example, one Sunday morning, having crossed a huge woman, which took a gaggle of children by the hand and who asked with a huge voice that should be used in a gospel choir, to greet me, and then hear these mini Good Morning Maam, it was absolutely delicious. I do simply not enough walked in the neighborhood to pretend to be good advice. If this area tempts you, here is a ride with lots of good addresses.

I will not speak of Tribeca district recognized mainly for its nightlife, restaurants which everybody talks about and its film festival (which takes place late April). But you can spend there after the Chelsea-Meatpacking District ride, and here is full of suggestions. Soho is a nice area to look for a restaurant without envy says at the top, there are all cuisines of the world along two or three streets, but other than that no big thing. I leave you with recommendations of the Timeout of Tribeca film festival, be careful, the addresses change quickly...

Chinatown and Little Italy don't inspire me either. It is exotic to walk there, but apart some addresses scattered here and there I can not find these particularly pleasant across districts and it does not quite want to stroll. If you spend, here are a few addresses. As the Lower East Side, it is also a great area for going out in the evening, and it is also a place where the addresses change very quickly, here are some ideas.By elimination, there is therefore 6 "quartiers", or areas, of which I will tell you more in detail. They have all 6 ambience and a very different rhythm, geographies and the inhabitants who are not the same. This is what makes the charm of this city.

The following tickets will speak: the Financial District: Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, the memorial for the World Trade Center, the Bourse, the sublime and high skyscrapers that form the famous skyline (and the best burger in the city) Brooklyn: Dumbo and his art centre, the majestic Brooklyn Bridge and its surroundings, Brooklyn Heights, Brighton Beach and Coney Islandde Chelsea and Meatpacking District for its art galleries and the beautiful High Linedu inflation District and its surroundings : the Empire State building, Madison Square, Union Square, Gramercy, Greenwich, East Villagede Midtown, the heart of the city with Time Square, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler building, MoMA, Rockefeller Center, the madness of shopping, the Roosevelt Island Tramwayet Central Park and the two neighbourhoods surrounding Upper East Side and Upper West Side, where, among other, puts it, the Guggenheim and the AMNH

The "walks" that I'll suggest follow no specific route, or then only during a few streets. It will be above all the cues and points of the ideas of what you will find in particular in these different areas and some places not to be missed. Each of his walks can be made in a few hours, I count in half a day. Is extended if you like the atmosphere of the place or it shortens when it

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