Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The surprising perched Church of Pierrelongue (Provence)


is a small village in Provence

with two peculiarities

The first is architectural,

with ECTT beautiful perched Church...

I had never seen this before,

a genuine curiosity

on the way to the mont Ventoux!

Curious Church perched in the enclave of the popes,

a remnant of the magnificence of the papacy in Avignon?


Photos Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

The second peculiarity

is geographic, car

Pierrelongue is located

in l' 'Enclave des Papes",

a little piece of Vaucle

encrusted in Vaucluse

It also is very surprising!

Map of the Drôme and the enclave des Papes

which belongs to the Vaucluse


This geographic cut


as its name suggests,

at the time when the Popes were installed in Avignon,

their possessions

having then been surrendered,

including this Enclave des Papes

territory of the Dauphiné

Gegeons that theChurch perched

of Pierrelongue

either one of the visible remains

the wealth of the Church and of the Popes in Avignon...

... and one of my best holiday memories

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