Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Travel in the Pacific Islands

Today you are invited to discover remarkable destinations in Oceania. That you are looking for adventure or relaxation, they will know that delight you.

Do you like the great outdoors, sports and thrills? So take a trip to New Zealand and let explode your craving for adventure. For many this country is that of nature. Who would believe it not with the large expanses of mountains, fjords, lakes and rivers, ice picks, white sandy beaches, but also the volcanic formations still active. Sure, the adventure is at the venue:
If you are looking to take on water, you will have the opportunity to challenge several types of waves in surf, put sailing or water skiing, but also to descend the rapids in a canoe or kayak for more sensations. Here, canyoning is also a widespread activity, add to this the opportunity to explore many caves in raft and you will be the "master of waters".
Hiking is also part of the more activities in New Zealand. Thousands of miles of trails and an extensive network of refuges welcome you. In addition, with its national parks scattered on nearly 5 million hectares, about one third of the country is protected and waits for you.
Bora Bora Island is one of the most beautiful in French Polynesia with Tahiti. It is famous for its towering peaks of volcano, its luxuriant vegetation, its many motu where the beaches are amongst the most beautiful and finest, but it especially for its large and beautiful lagoon, with clear waters and a turquoise blue that travellers appreciate both this destination. In fact, Bora Bora has one of the most incredible and most famous lagoons in the world. With both clear and warm water, diving in the lagoon are known to be among the most exciting. Furthermore, here the fish and other marine animals do not fear the presence of the man.
Bora Bora is also a place of dreams for the lovebirds. Here each hotel welcomes couples honeymoon in splendid "love nests".
If you are tempted by a trip to Bora Bora, many activities will put you away from boredom. Do jet - skiing, sailing, go fishing, skydive, go hiking or cruises aboard catamarans... And if you love stories, you are advised to visit archaeological sites and remains of the second world war. Some propose other even more beautiful activities like swimming with dolphins.
If you like diving, Bora Bora cannot displease you because you are professional or amateur, it is possible to dive equipping you only a mask. The colorful fish and other creatures are waiting for you! It is sometimes also possible to rent a video camera underwater to the reception of some hotels if you want to share your experiences with your friends and loved ones.

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