Saturday, 1 June 2013

Visit Paris lovers and go shopping

I love to make small trips to Paris with my half. It is always a pleasure to see the capital, there are lots of things to see.
I'll make you a small article on my favorite places in Paris. First of all, because I love Asian culture, I really like to go in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.
There are stores like Taiyou and Musica I really like to visit to find albums of my favorite Korean stars. I also like to be able to find colors lenses because I really like to be able to change the color of my eyes whenever I wish. As any visitor to paris, I like enormously tourist areas but, more specifically, the Champs Elysées. I find that the framework is really beautiful and can also be shopping because there are a lot of brands such as M & S and many others. To give an idea, the last time I went on the champs elysees I bought a lot of clothes.

I had even more room in my suitcase and bags side to be able to wear them. I love buy me clothes in Paris because I find that there are more choices. Then, to eat, I really like to go into neighborhoods as in Olympics or even opera. There are lot of restaurants for all tastes. I usually go in a restaurant Japanese where the curry rice is really excelling. For good finish the evening, I like to go in the district "Saint-Michel". There are plenty of bar and club to have fun. Which is a pity I find, is that paris, the lenses are quite expensive.

I'm from normandie and glass and sometimes half price. What I like also to Paris, is go to les Halles, certainly, all the stores that can be found at les Halles are those that can be found everywhere in France, but I find that the framework is also nice and it's always better to have all of our favorite stores to hand. I love to go to Starbucks also.
It's a warm place and there is really something for everyone. If you want to spend a good weekend in an illuminated city, feel free to go to Paris. I find that it's a good way because you can really get for not too expensive when you want to spend a little weekend away from the daily.  There are lots of free and not too expensive activities that will entertain young and old alike. Feel free to make the tour of the monuments also. Free and cultural, go for example here: to see what you can do in Paris.

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