Saturday, 8 June 2013

Visit Strasbourg and its market

I have not forgotten this wonderful weekend in Strasbourg for its famous Christmas market... It is simply the arrival of the Sun that comes to me is thinking!  After 9 months of winter, we finally arrived in the summer! Spring will even not spent see us!

Strasbourg is a beautiful city. Not to mention that it is home to only the European Parliament and the European Court of human rights, this Alsatian old guard in it an undisputed cultural heritage classified at the UNESCO.
This Christmas, called market market of Saint Nicolas in the middle age, is one of the oldest in France. Established since 1570 at the foot of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it opens each year in December. This period of the year attracts a lot of tourists from the 4 corners of the France. So you say that in order to stay it is complicated. Last year we found a hotel in Strasbourg on the Venere site. Remember to take you soon enough!

European Parliament

Today the city has 12 steps:

the on-site Brogliesur the place of the garesur square of the Castle... but also in all the districts of Strasbourg!

But in Strasbourg, there are not only the must-see Christmas market, otherwise also beautiful monuments like Notre Dame Cathedral of 1876, palais du Rhin, University Palace, national library, ancient Commanderie St-Jean, from Strasbourg train station, the old customs, place Kléber (with the famous Christmas tree), the palais de Rohan, Opéra National du Rhin and its typical half-timbered houses that can be seen in the famous area of the small France.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Of course, it goes to say that he should not leave Strasbourg without having taste local specialities such as baeckeoffe, flammekueche, fleischschnackas, sürkrüt (Alsatian sauerkraut) or fillets and steaks of fried carp of the Sundgau. And for dessert a kugelhopf, a Kaeskueche (cheese pie) or wine cakes...


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