Monday, 3 June 2013

Walk in the provencal village of Savasse in Drôme

The village of Savasse,

immediately north of Montélimar

in the Drôme,

at the doors of Provence

is somewhat hidden,

but deserves to be discovered

and can be one of

your best holiday memories

Views of the typical houses of Provence

the old village of Savasse from the foot of the Hill

on which it is built

Photos Drôme - Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

Some speak of a

most beautiful villages of the Drôme

On-site, seen from below,

the old village of Savasse

has alignment of stone houses

typical and traditional,

drowned in the vegetation

the surrounding Hill

View of the Interior,

the visitor discovers a village

everything to do charming

and which evokes irresistibly

South of the France and Provence

View of the Interior of the old village of Savasse,

and more particularly of the door of the Rhone, which dates from the 12th century

Photos Drôme - Provence 2013 all rights reserved ©

Quite honestly,.

theeffect of surprise is amazing

and leaves a magical impression

The street of the old Village of Savasse is lined with typical stone houses

often very well restored and highlighted,

We are really here to the doors of Provence

Photos Drôme - Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

Icing on the cake,

views of the Rhone Valley

and the Vercors are magical,

and will be the subject of another publication,


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