Sunday, 2 June 2013

What to during your vacation if you do enjoy short trips?

The small town of Areopolis, which welcomes you will be your point of obliged passage: take the time to discover it!

On the main square stands the statue of the head of the clan of the Mavromichalis who, in March 1821, gave the signal of the revolt against the ottoman occupation in Greece proudly.

The streets of the town, bordered by beautiful stone houses, are very pleasant to go, mainly in the evening.

The bougainvillea reminds that we are in a southern region.

A typical scene in an alley of Areopolis.

The traditional Greek coffee awaits a consumer party chat...

The route of the maniot at night capital reserve you pleasant architectural surprises...

At the centre of the village, the Church of the archangels will be for you a cue point on the cobbled streets.

Finally, contemplated since the first lace-up the road from Kalamata, no doubt the sumptuous sunsets conclude your day in a very romantic way.

Why not wait for the disappearance of Helios behind the mountains of the Peloponnese?

A few kilometres from your place of stay, the sea caves of Diros (??????? ?????) are absolutely worth a visit: 1500 meters travelled by boat in a silence total... and 19 ° C, it will refuse!

As soon as the first shots of rowing, the tone is set: this is an exceptional natural site. You will take full eyes!

The magic of forms added is that of the visiting by boat... a quiet moment to savour.

Well laid out for the visit, the cave of Glyfada will leave a lasting memory to lovers of the underground world.

Draperies and other concretions have nothing to envy to the wonders of the Cevennes...

Buoys and color projectors bring a surreal touch to the whole.

The water is so calm and so clear that the bottom is within reach of your amazed eyes.

Attention, however: its temperature shows that 14 ° C!

The tour of the peninsula is a necessary step which will make you discover the most beautiful Greek landscapes!

So stop to admire one of the many Byzantine chapels that dot the local countryside.

18 Km from Areopolis, Gerolimenas port is a small port located in a wild and endearing.

You can make a stop before facing the South of the peninsula.

After Gerolimenas, the road crosses of grandiose and austere landscape.

You approach the southern part of Mani, that you will not soon forget!

The village Vathia fortified, the most emblematic of the region, will hold your attention by his remarkable site.

Half abandoned by its inhabitants, he asks only to be repopulated by lovers of old stones: a House of vacation here, you feel like it?

At the extreme south, the Cape Taenarus (or Cape Matapan), magnificent site and how wild, will be one of the very highlights of your trip!

The ancient ruins of the sanctuary of Poseidon Taenaron dominate incredibly beautiful waters...

A few fishing boats reveal a human presence.

I can already hear the question: "you can dive? ''… If you do not, you regret it, trust me!

After this pure moment of happiness where you were alone in the world, the return by the coast is Mani offers superb breakaways on the sea.

The Greeks have always known to settle in wonderful sites...

The splendid Bay of Kotronas is a real invitation to relax.

In addition to a swim among small fish (if, if!), you can enjoy succulent crustaceans in taverns that line the beach.

Less than 30 miles from your hotel, Githio is a charming small colorful port which will not fail to seduce you.

An aerial view of the town from Mount Koumaro.

Former arsenal of Sparta, Githio is still the only port of the importance of this remote region.

Boarding is possible for the island of Kythira, and even Kastelli in Crete!

A typical scene on the port of Githio: octopuses drying in the sun before ending up on your plate!

Station to many cats awaiting the arrival of fishing boats...

Inseparable from inhabited areas, Greek cats are often very photogenic.

Sometimes skeletal, more rarely healthy like this, small cats haunt the outskirts of restaurants... impossible not to notice!

Overview of the Kranae island and its lighthouse at dusk.

According to legend, it was here that is would be refuge Paris before bring the beautiful Helen to Troy.

Before dinner, take a walk on the island, on the trail of the most famous illegitimate lovers of antiquity.

This characteristic defensive Tower will remind you the maniot architecture.

Before leaving the city, you've more to sit facing the sea to enjoy the scenery.

You are looking for a romantic place for dinner at the sunset?

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