Saturday, 8 June 2013

Where and how to organize her holiday in France?

IdeoGuide, specialised in the organisation of tourist routes in France, now offers nearly 70,000 recreational activities to visitors.

With a hearing in constant progression, IdeoGuide seems to become a must-see site in the offer of tourist recreation in France.

What answer the wildest she passions that either the destination or destinations chosen by Internet users!

Ideal for organizing its weekends or holidays with friends, family or lovers.

Want to rock climbing, horseback riding, cultural walks in museums and castles, escape in the nature, campsites in Ardèche or campsites in the Pyrénées Orientales... IdeoGuide knows answering all our desires.

I choose my leisure activities corresponding to my passion or my centers of interest. They can be added in a basket called "tourist route". They appear together on a map, allowing to the geotag.I also choose my accommodation (camping, hotels,...) around my activities selected, or I first choose my then leisure activities to achieve around these accommodation accommodation.I decide the order of implementation of the activities that I have selected visually on a geographic map, and I display or I print the matching route.
call via the telephone number provided to send a request for information or reservationd' go to the owner's site

With IdeoGuide, everyone will find his happiness to spend a pleasant holiday in France!

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