Sunday, 2 June 2013

Why created this blog?

Unconditional of the Greece for almost 30 years, for a long time I wanted to sharing my passion with my fellow citizens so particular to invite them to visit in this blessed country of the gods...

It is now made from summer 2010, date to which I finally discovered the Pearl of the charming accommodation, holiday... pure wellness short: address that should keep jealously to itself.

Only here: having sympathized with the family that owns the "Ktima Karageorgou", I thought, in agreement with these charming hosts, that if I could contribute to the development of their activity while taking pleasure, I would wrong to not launch into the adventure.

This is why the solution of the website as a blog seemed be an excellent compromise: in addition to flexibility of use, it offers especially the possibility to comment, ask questions... and visitors to book their holidays in an ultra-competitive price!

Welcome so on these few pages: I very much hope that they give you an irresistible desire to you in this magical place: do not hesitate to click on the images to enlarge, post your comments and most importantly... contact me if you decide. You will not regret it: evidence to the next chapter!

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