Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Organize a road trip with friends

The road trip appeared for the first time in the United States. It is a concept in which the car is not only a means of transport, but is a way of life. This type of travel is democratized more and appears as an attractive alternative for young people in search of adventures and discoveries.

The road trip is similar to a sensation of total freedom of movement. It facilitates the spontaneity of participants and offers a unique opportunity: discover a whole region in a short time, with little means. However, this type of stay requires a major organization and the complications are more numerous: failure of the vehicle, equipment of emergency etc.

The first thing to do is to choose the destination. Tourists often opt for the United States and in particular the American West and yet other places are worth a visit. For example, Asia is more and more talk about her. Viet Nam, Cambodia, the Thailand and all its islands are a paradise within the reach of every portfolio. The best solution is to determine in advance the starting point and the possible point of entry. Everything depends on what travelers expect from adventure. To decide the destination, some travel guides can be helpful to you. These reference sites and monuments to discover and allow to learn a little more about culture and local practices prior to landing.

After the choice of destination is completed, should start preparations properly. The passport for example must be valid throughout the period of the stay. Furthermore, going to the United States or Asia can require a visa whose amount varies depending on the country. In addition, if the travel request to cross several countries, then several visas may be required. And since it is a trip by car, it is better for the traveler to acquire an international driving permit. In addition, several roadmaps are essential to know the extent of the distances involved. We usually turn to the GPS but technical problems quickly arrived and find becomes quickly problematic.

Because the car is preferred conveyance, his choice will be crucial. Travel can be done in a caravan or converted van, but to blend in the mass, a standard car is more convenient. Some steps may ask to use other means of transport such as aircraft or boat. At this point, it may be interesting to consult travel first comparators. Once arrived at destination, travelers again lease a vehicle. Rental companies are often available loan of airports.

In addition, a full audit of his State is recommended. Bring a tent is also recommended for stops in middle of the night. However, it is possible to book hotel rooms, especially in the resorts and tourist areas.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Creation of a common visa program computerized four ASEAN countries

Bagan Myanmar Burma Asia Travel 300x225 photoLes governments of Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines will collaborate on the creation of a joint program of computerized visa. The declaration of intent, which is to encourage travel and tourism flows, was signed by the four countries, on June 5, at the 22th Asian Forum for the global economy.

The project, which is shared by the Ministries of Tourism of the four governments is part of a broader initiative promoted by all countries of the Association of the Southeast Asian (ASEAN) there are two years.

As explained by the Indonesian Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, "tourism is a priority for the business community of the association, as well as the creation of integration between countries possible. "

The project, proposed for the first time at the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta in 2011, has already been validated between Thailand and Cambodia and will enter into force in four other countries in 2015. The initiative is particularly important in a country like Myanmar, where the military regime was in power until elections in 2011, controlled the influx of foreign visitors for years.

Hatay U Aung, Minister of Tourism of Burma, said the new policy asserted that "the purpose of the common visa eliminate bureaucratic barriers that discourage visitors to travel throughout the region. "He added that" this will be achieved by working closely with other governments. "

In a region where the tourism industry is a major driver of the economy, facilitating local movements could give a significant boost to each country and to promote the inflow of foreign capital.

The 'smart' visa was introduced in Australia in 1996. This is an electronic document that replaces the traditional visa may be issued by travel agencies or airlines.

As explained by the Secretary of Tourism of the Philippines, Ramon R. Jimenez Jr., "we try to make the best use of new technologies to reduce waste. "

Would you be tempted by this type of visa finally make it easier to visit several countries in South East Asia?

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Linguistic stay Australia

Want to discover the extraordinary landscapes of the Australia and relax at the other end of the world... And if you mêliez the useful to the pleasant leaving in linguistic stay in Australia? Whether you are professional or student, linguistic stay you can enjoy the attractions of the Australia while perfecting your English effectively and lastingly.

Starting study English in Sydney, you will be able to take the time to discover this dynamic metropolis. Largest city of Australia with its some 4 million people, Sydney is a cosmopolitan city renowned for its lively nightlife.

In addition to its magnificent Bay, the environs of Sydney are home to many natural parks as well as beautiful beaches. Bondy for example, moments away from your Spanish course school is a haven of peace and a great place to learn to surf.

Located on the East coast of the Australia and North Sydney, Brisbane will help you during your language travel experience Australian culture in a city on a human scale and in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Brisbane is also the perfect starting point to discover the most beautiful natural sites of the Australia: great barrier reef but also the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, of true tropical paradise with their sandy beaches and their sunshine year-round.

Depending on your needs and your desires, you will be able to choose the English training program that suits you best.

General English forms are presented in intensive version at the rate of 20 lessons per week, or mechanical version of 25 weekly lessons. Also discover the formulas in business English, very helpful to boost your career. You can also enjoy your language stay in Australia to prepare one of the English-language examinations recognized by recruiters and schools, such as IELTS or Cambridge examinations.

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Spend an unforgettable stay in Spain

The Spain, the land of bullfighters, parties and large beaches equipped, is a privileged holiday thanks to the variety of its landscapes. There among the European countries the more sunny with an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. In Spain, the nature is a real privilege: it is the third country in the world in number of spaces declared biosphere reserve. There are all forms of relief: Lakes, mountains, volcanoes, swamps, forests, rivers, valleys, cliffs...

Enjoy all the possibilities of relaxation offers you the sea: Sandy blond, family or sporty beaches, the nautical for surfing, windsurfing, boat trips, scuba diving in Majorca, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Ibiza, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, La Palma, Costa de la Luz. Here you will find the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday at seaside. It remains to find a bungalow in Spain and the stay will be unforgettable.

Culture lovers can go back in time on the paths of history by visiting historic castles, medieval towns, imposing churches, for example the Church of the Holy Family in the city of Barcelona. In addition, they will discover the Hispanic traditions by participating in regional festivals. Throughout the year, the Spain offers a host of cultural and sporting venue.

In Spain, the sea and the mountains are close with each other, so you can enjoy the coastal ports and yacht clubs, the golf course, hiking, beautiful equestrian in Andalusia centres trails, or else take the paths of Santiago de Compostela medieval pilgrimage. There are 23 Spanish nautical stations, where you develop you customised holidays, especially if you're a sports fan. The Spain is also known as a country of golf, and leader of European tourism of this sport.

If you prefer a more active vacation, you can stay in a busy city where the atmosphere of discos will tell you how many people are awake and happy. During your holiday in Spain, do not forget to taste the local flavors, such as paella or tapas.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Rental cottages Zaza Vieux Habitants

For your holidays in Guadeloupe, an idea for your accommodation:

Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visits to fragile, pristine and relatively undisturbed natural areas. It is in this context that Zaza deposits, which are located in the heart of the National Park of Guadeloupe, invite you to spend your holiday.

In Zaza, two main cottages can welcome you:

_ The Orchid cottage: with an area of more than 30 m², the cottage can accommodate 2-3 people maximum. Equipped with TV digital washing machine fridge, comfortable with a quarter of an hour of Basse-Terre.

_ Of coconut trees along the fine sands which give views of the Palm House. Roughly the same size and conditions than the Orchid, Palm also has the advantage of being surrounded by fruit trees.

Taking particularly to ensure that your stay is successful, Zaza offers to organize with you all the activities you want to do. Zaza will prepare the most beautiful hiking trails. A visit to the fall of Galleon, or a meeting of diving in the Cousteau reserve: in ilets Pigeons, if you also like canyoning; the visit of the Botanical Garden of Deshaies.

Zaza will also organize tours of artisanal rum plant, of transformations of cocoa or coffee, or visits to the churches of the old living.

The warm, aperitifs, good small dishes made by Zaza and Toni will haunt you during your holidays Guadeloupe. So do not hesitate, do some now your farm zaza reservations.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

The most charming of the Southern Alps ski resorts

The 2014 ski holiday you want more large stations all concrete, without charm! This winter, Yes, you want from the authentic, cosy, the friendly for your winter vacation, but how to make the right choice, choose which station?

The cheek of the Wolf, nicknamed "station wood.

Did you know why the ski resort the Joue du Loup in the Dévoluy Massif, was nicknamed the "wood station"?

It is its authentic architecture of small mountain village with its small cottages and residences family, ideal for holidaymakers who are looking for an idyllic setting for their ski holiday.

The cheek of the Wolf, we offer the most beautiful of our chalets, Les Chalets du Village Bois, which delight you with their charm as long as by their comfort and ideal location, close both to the ski slopes, and of the station and its animations.

The cheek of the Wolf, a living and lively resort

Speaking of animations, indeed, this is not because the cheek du Loup is a ski resort authentic and human scale are bored!

No, to the cheek of the Wolf, summer and winter you can enjoy many sports, fun, activities for little ones, for large...

Events there are also organised throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and "trendy bars" and nightclub settled there, which makes the Wolf plays a station alive and lively!

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Win a ticket to a value of € 500!

Hello everyone! Here your traveller servant Jacky! I made you a little note for you speak of a good travel plan.
Usually here I speak of my trips and my practical advice for your trips. However, here you have the opportunity and the chance to win a small airline ticket with a value of 500 euros with CuPonation (click to enter).
The modalities of participation are simple: just quickly explain where you would go if you win this competition and why (all in less than 140 characters). In addition, you will need to leave your mail to receive the CupoNation newsletter. Frankly, if it is to receive this kind of good plan travel, it worth really =)

Attention however, the contest has already begun since 13 June (yesterday), and will end in the vicinity of July 4, 2013. However, the date of participation can be extended if the contest meets success. So don't wait any longer and enter the contest for may be win your ticket worth up to 500 EUR!
CupoNation is a site that usually offers coupons for most of your favorite shops. Really very convenient if you are looking for a last minute discount!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stay on the Côte d'Azur

After the wet spring that the major part of the France comes to know, you have a craving, go on vacation in a destination where the Sun will be at the rendezvous! This falls well, the Côte d'Azur is ready to welcome you. This beautiful region in the South of the France is undoubtedly possible the sunniest of the hexagon. In July and August temperatures exceed 30 degrees and the Mediterranean becomes a haven of freshness which you want only to one thing: plunge!

The Côte d'Azur attracts outnumbered tourists who, every summer, come enjoy the beaches and the Sun. The Côte d'Azur, that the anglo-saxons call French Riviera, has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Many beaches so come to mind when mentioning this coast: beach of the English in Saint-Raphaël, l'estagnol in Bormes-les-Mimosas, the cicadas in Port Grimaud Beach, etc. These beaches have all one thing in common: a dreamlike natural setting and crystalline turquoise water that reminds us of the Caribbean...

The Côte d'Azur stretches in all and everything on for nearly 200 kilometers of coastline, between Bandol and Chin, last French city before the Italian border. This coastline may sometimes be very steep, with sublime cliffs falling sheer into the sea, which reminds and calanques de Cassis or Marseille, who are not parties of the Côte d'Azur...

Known to be one of the most popular tourist resorts in the world by the 'jet set', the Côte d'Azur is home to many world-famous cities, like Cannes, Nice or Monaco, independent Principality. You will find in each of these cities casinos and trendy shops, but the must, to glimpse the stars of cinema or the "show-biz", still the small village of Saint-Tropez, Marina welcomes every summer from many luxury yachts.

Around St. Tropez, Ramatuelle, Gassin, or even Cavalaire sur Mer cities are places of dreams to ask her suitcases and enjoy his holiday on the French Riviera.

Finally, further to the West, taking the direction of Toulon, you'll fall over Hyères, where you will have the opportunity to discover the wonderful peninsula of Giens Almanarre beach is nearly four kilometers long. At the end of this peninsula, a small Harbor features boats to liaise with the beautiful island of Porquerolles...

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Everyone knows the adage: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! How then tell a stay in the city of all possible? Ask your friends to return from Las Vegas and you'll get stories very summaries, kind "It was super", "I myself am well burst", "this city is crazy", "Has been the Festival for 3 days", etc. Few acknowledge with spent mad sums in casinos or participated in crazy nights, (except the beasts!) and a small number will tell you to be married "for fun", but without details!

Las Vegas Blvd South, from the top of the Eiffel Tower

I went twice to Las Vegas, and like everyone else I tell nothing of my stay for those who, encouraged by the offer of ebookers flight + stay, would go to to make inracontables memories, here are all the same tips for a great stay in Las Vegas, without breaking the Bank

It is not necessary to love legalized gambling to enjoy the villel' arrival in Las Vegas is an unforgettable, by road as by avionles Las Vegas surroundings are beautiful, rent a car and visit the environssi play you, set yourself a budget to not exceed under any pretext! if you're afraid of not being able to resist the lure of the gamehave on you that a small amount (about $50) and not credit card. Play, play, and go calmly to your hotel after have spent them! look at the luxury of all these hotels and casinos and deduct for yourself who are the winners of casino games! if you decide to get married in Las Vegas, do recognize your marriage to be valid in Switzerland or in France. Otherwise, it will remain a memory that will stay in Vegas! it has fabulous concerts and shows in Las Vegas, enjoy! it's pretty easy to get an "upgrade" in the hotels of Las Vegas. Show you persuasive and smiling, it will perhaps give you a fabulous suite without change in price! the best season to visit Las Vegas: May and June and from mid September to late October. In winter, the nights are cool and in midsummer, it is really too hot day. New York New York in Las Vegas

Valley of Fire State Park, only Nevada has only an hour from Las Vegas

Hotel Bellagio

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer vacation 2013: Les Suisses romands loyal to their favorite destinations

At, bookings for the summer holidays are in full swing. An analysis of the seaside holiday, stays-cities and only flights bookings made for summer 2013 on allows to know the destinations of choice for the French-speaking Swiss.

This summer, the top five seaside destinations for the Swiss is identical to that of last year: Antalya, the tourist resort situated on the Turkish Riviera, arrives at the top, followed by Majorque, which attracts a growing number of tourists seeking relaxation. It is not without reason: the beaches are magnificent, even very quiet following the part of the island. In addition, the hilly hinterland is a paradise for cyclists.


ES Caló to d'es Moro, Mallorca

* Seaside stays of the 01.07.2013 to the 31.08.2013

"The Swiss had already discovered the joys of a" Summer in the City "well before that Joe Cocker sings this title. '. This summer do not derogate from the rule and many users of will make short stays in trendy cities,"says Matthias Thürer, Director of marketing for ebookers Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

As last summer, many French have decided to leave to the discovery of Barcelona for a long weekend (flight + hotel). The beautiful Catalan city is an ideal summer destination. What other European metropolis can boast of offering to its immediate surroundings, from the sandy beaches of several kilometres?

Barcelona views of Tibidabo Park-© Gérard Gerona, CC on Flickr

London also has the wind in its sails since the British capital has progressed one place over 2012 and now talonne Barcelona. London is even the first place in the ranking of urban stays in German-speaking Switzerland.

* Stays-cities of the 01.07.2013 to the 31.08.2013

In terms of only flight reservations, Porto, second city of the Portugal, has this year dislodged Bangkok from first place. Right behind New York now rose to second. On average, travelers spend six days in the Big Apple, nearly twice as long as in European cities.


* Flights of the 01.07.2013 to the 31.08.2013

Destinations headlights of French-speaking Switzerland for summer 2013 include a large number of Iberian destinations. Indeed, the 15 destinations classified, not less than seven are located in Spain or the Portugal.


Palma de Mallorca

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Go on a journey with

The Platform offers tips to save money. Before any purchase on the internet, it is interesting to take a look at their site to find the best deals.

On the occasion of the Festival of the fathers, CupoNation makes us travel! I have not missed the opportunity to participate in their contest and the chance to win a ticket to a value of € 500. I wanted you to enjoy!

Make you soon on their site to answer the question "If you win this ticket, what will be your destination?" For what reasons?"

Personally I will choose a round trip to Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, my next target trip next year!

Expect you to try your luck in answering their question!

For my part it is done

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Go to Valencia in Spain

You want to spend a short stay in Valencia in Spain, but you do not speak a word of Spanish?
I have a good plan for you that will allow you to best holiday in Hispanic countries. I'm even a fan of this good plan, because I had the chance to do when I was still at college.
Admittedly, this is not exactly the same thing, but it comes back a bit the same. I advise you to get a small linguistic stay in Valencia. Valencia is a town in the East of the country. I already had the opportunity to go for a ride and I must say that it is really a nice city. I could not stay there long, because my real destination was further. The positives of a course are that they allow you to learn the language of the country in the country even while being able to visit what surrounds you.

This is good, right? The little extra, I find, is that being in the country to learn, you can more easily use what you have just learned to put into practice your lessons. It is the fastest way to make progress in the language. In fact, as you'll see signs, words transparent and many other things that you are going to quickly assimilate enough just walking. So, you'll more quickly vocabulary that people who learn Spanish while remaining in France. I me, as I you said, do a small course that allowed me to have a better level in Spanish while I already had a very good base. Due to visit the country is also still more to learn the language in order to understand everything. To eat well, because most of the small restaurants, the servers do not know speak English, then imagine not even hear them speak French. It is best therefore know what lies in his plate, so it must be able to read the card.

After well learning Spanish, feel free to do a little tour of Spain. Including in Valencia. I went to Andalusia for example, and I have to say that it is a wonderful place. I find that the Spain is really a beautiful country that dépaysage us completely. And then must also say that Spaniards are much more friendly with foreigners than the French. If you have the opportunity to go to Spain to learn Spanish, do not hesitate, it is really a very good plan. You will not be disappointed, quite to the contrary.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Munich: The "secret capital of Germany" defies Berlin

Munich less than 60 minutes from the centre of the Switzerland? I figure it must be test it! Venue so on the tarmac at Bern/Belp, where the colourful company Skywork (possible reservation via ebookers) has launched its new daily connection with the Bavarian capital. Actually, less than an hour later, me here is posed in a few metro stops from my goal, and this at the end of a journey without the stress of major airports and with the amenities of a rather nice snack, and even an iPad ready for passengers, the time of flight (entertainment on board...)

Fly as if it were a private airplane!

Marienplatz appointment with my guide Helga. Since the time that she explores every nook and cranny, it knows all of his town, until statistics which make froth: "more than 6 million litres of beer - always! -200,000 pairs of sausages and 500,000 chickens!" What it therefore refers? At the overflowing Oktoberfest, obviously! Traditionally, these two weeks of binge drinking last from mid-September to the first days of the following month: Prost!

Hofbräuhaus, the temple of Munich beer.

Beyond the ethyl cliché, four times larger than Paris metropolis is also a rich cultural scene: more than 40 theatres, museums and countless publishing houses.

This summer, the Opera celebrates the 200th anniversary of Verdi and Wagner.

It also cultivates the art of divert its visitors between opulence and hardiness, avant-garde and conservatism, elegance and bawdiness. Thanks to its green spaces, Munich is never oppressive, despite its soon 1'400 ' 000 inhabitants. Probably also because in a few decades, the most popular were wisely abandoned pedestrian. This metamorphosis of the urban landscape started with the allocation of 1972 Olympic Games, games which have revived the local economy, annexing part BMW, Adidas and other Siemens.

BMW Welt, Munich temple dedicated to the beautiful bodies.

Munich also has its latin quarter - Schwabing - stronghold of students and institutions trend. Ready for a walk? So follow me in 65 seconds of video!

Like me, the visitor can limit its field of exploration areas mainly pedestrian and nearby Marienplatz, the nerve center with its two hotels in town. The most recent, neo-Gothic, aligns an amazing procession of automata (chime animation) and statufies officials. Older houses a touching selection of toys old, even if ZAM (Centre of unusual museums, Westenriederstraße 41) the bat in originality, with its collections of Easter bunnies, cars with pedals and other... Chamber pots.

In addition to museums, Munich has its "memorial" Jackson, improvised on the sidewalk!

But this week, everyone only talks about reopening after the Lenbach (on Königsplatz) Villa, architect Norman Foster added a most spectacular annex indoors and outdoors. Light setting for Munich artists of the past two centuries, especially those attached to the Blaue Reiter (blue rider), the artistic movement of expressionist inspiration inspired Klee and Kandinsky.

Magnificent stalactite in the lobby, just inaugurated.

Still need reminding that Munich has what fill lovers of baroque? Proud of its sumptuous high altar and painted ceiling, the Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche) rivals that of St. Peter (Peterskirche, the oldest in the city) and the adorable Asamkirche, including frescoes, sculptures, gilding and stucco overload strives to deceive the eye.

It is not luxurious addresses that are lacking, to eat and drink (here: Hotel Bayerischerhof)

The pleasures of the palate are also those good mouth. To get your appetite, nothing beats an immersion at the Viktualienmarkt. THE Munich market created in 1807, still in the old town: shops and charming cottages dedicated to the products of the soil in the shade of a big greasy pole covered with joyful figurines. As I resisted the temptation to stuff me of delicious pretzels - stars of these permanent stalls - it is time to pass at the table. No, the card is not limited to the filling Knodel and variations of meats! Of course, Shanks or roast pork remain safe values, such as the stew served with grated horseradish, but we must at least try the Obatza, this sort of runny camembert mixed with butter or crushed with pepper, onion, salt, cumin and pepper: an invigorating formula that should allow me to deal calmly with the rest of the day!

A piano placed at disposal of passers-by music lovers. Testimony of the Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit"...

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Travel alternative: a new way to discover the world!

Travel is an integral part of our development since the dawn of time, but too many people spend today alongside such experience, because it became more a priority. Yet all who you are, stay taped behind your screens to enjoy the stories, photos or videos with other parts of the world. So, why deprive you see such things with your own eyes?

The first impression about the trip is that it at a cost. Certainly it will be a very important if you consider tour operators who sell stays all inclusive and pre-programmed. But the notion of money did not matter in the alternative travel and is even banned for the more adventurous!

In the travel, the money has only one function: reduce the time needed to reach a goal. Through the alternative journey you things to take the temps.plutot to pay a ticket to join in a few hours a destination try the stop or the bike over several weeks! Prefer to sleep at the inhabitant instead of trying to go to the youth hostel or hotel,... the list and long, but we can meet all of our needs without money or almost.

The reality of alternative travel is if you are perpetually in motion, you will not need money by soliciting whenever new people. It is not Nans and musts from Nus and culottés which will tell you the opposite!

By limiting your expenses to the maximum, you will more meetings and share unique moments. However, don't forget that a free service to you will be paying for those who decide to help you! Do not miss to always offer your help if necessary and thank them!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tutorial photo: improvement of a dull photo during a trip to holidays abroad

When we travel,.

especially abroad

and on holidays,

It is of course difficult

to return to a site

to take a new photo

When the first is not a success!

Photo editing in post production

makes sense then.

A few Tips

in this tutorial photo

from a panorama

one of the famous wooden churches

near Sanok in Poland.

Panorama of one of the famous churches of wood in Poland

on Sunday, with the arrival of the faithful for the mass

(you can click to enlarge the photo)

Photos Poland 2013: all rights reserved ©

Theinitial image

is unsatisfactory

and this picture is unlikely

in the beautiful album

your best holiday memories

The original photo is much less flattering!

(there you can click to enlarge)

"but I think that you will be less likely to do so!)

Photos Poland 2013: all rights reserved ©

So let's open Photoshop

(or even free software

such as Photophiltre or The Gimp).

Objective of photo editing :

find the real colors

the landscape during the trip to Poland

Diagnosis of the original photo:

too light photo (over-exposure),

not quite brightly coloured and marked

(including sky)

The different steps of photo editing :

1 / The gray levels management

The levels feature

allows you to display

a histogram of the gray levels.

Very clearly,

There's much too much white

in the picture.

The problem is that the Church

is very dark and the sky

is very white,.

You cannot apply the same correction

across the image

2 / Partial selections in the photo and corrections

Through the Color Selectiontool,

I first selects the Church,

to apply a dark photo filter (orange)

in order to emphasize the contrasts.

The management of the gray levels

also allows you to enhance the effect

The Sky is then selected

and a Blue filter it

is applied to regain its original color

The stamp tool

also allows to transform

a bit of white sky in blue sky

3 / The image finishes

The brightness of the whole

is quite significantly reduced

to mitigate the effect of the backlight

I'll let you judge the result

and let me know of any remarks,.

positive as well as more critics

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Twenty places and essential leisure in Miami

Visited by more than 12 million tourists each year, Miami, the Florida capital, was able to forget his old criminal reputation towards new activities like art and nightlife. Failing to be able to identify all the attractions of this metropolis, it is possible to list twenty activities not to miss.

The first thing to do when arriving in Miami probably is a walk in the streets of the Art Deco of the city district, located in the district of South Beach. The multi-coloured buildings and their neon impress of day and night.

The Holocaust memorial, which entry is free, is highly recommended because of its documentary richness.

The Coral Castle, monolithic sculpture dedicated to a lost love, serves essential work and emblem of the city. The means of its construction remain today as mysterious as its origin is moving.

The Bass Museum, located on Avenue and recognized for its eclecticism, is recommended to all lovers of art. It houses works ranging from the 15th to the 20th century, thus crossing times and major currents.

In the heart of the art deco district, the Jewish Museum has one of the largest collections of objects related to the history of this people, and reflects the strong presence of this community in municipal life.

Classified world heritage of UNESCO, the Park national Everglades is for sure the major natural place in the South of the United States. It is the habitat of the latest Florida Panthers, caimans and other Barracuda.

Shopping enthusiasts will necessarily find their happiness in the Bal Harbour district, which houses most of the malls upscale of the city.

The Miami Art Museum is known as the best source of information on the history of the city, from the Spanish period to the present day. Small group tours are organised almost every day of the week.

Pool Venetian Pool, stone turned into basin square is known as an ideal place to learn to swim or improve his backstroke.

Every sports fan will be filled by a match of the local basketball team, the Miami Heat, whose meetings take place at the American Airlines Arena.

A visit to Miami would be not complete without a walk in Bayfront Park, featuring several amphitheaters for performances in the open air, as well as a memorial to the astronauts of the Shuttle Columbia.

Jungle Parrot Island, and its 1200 species of birds, mainly parrots, probably corresponds to the ideal place for every enthusiast of Ornithology.

With regard to marine wildlife, the Seaquarium will meet the expectations of any worshipper of the fish, with its eight daily shows, in particular famous choreography performed by Orcs.

Make a course of 18 holes at the Miami Beach Golf allows both to enjoy the sea air and the quality of the green one of the greatest land in the United States.

Museums and gardens Vizcaya shelter rare works of art and furniture in a European style villa. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

Thanks to its climate, the MetroZoo, largest Zoological Park of the State, contains also rare species that diversified animals and tropical plants.

Little Havana, neighborhood built by members of the Cuban community, has preserved all its authenticity and deserves to walk due to its upbeat atmosphere.

Monkey jungle park and research center allows the visitor to discover the world of the apes through tunnels grid covering the entire field. Be careful however not to feed its inhabitants.

Centre cultural Adrienne Arsht is famous for the largest concert of the Town Hall. It is a place where occur in the most innovative and sometimes quirky local performing artists.

Finally, Miami is known worldwide for its wild nightlife. This is the reason why a night of drunkenness and endless dance is inevitable, especially in clubs such as Space, Mokai lounge or the Mansion.

The capital of Florida is therefore worth to be visited for its character both cosmopolitan and futuristic nature. It will be useful to hire a car in Miami to take advantage of the city more.

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Trip to South America: Impressions of the Brazil

Andrea employee, recently spent six weeks in South America. She returned delighted and agreed to share his best moments here.

After busy in Peru and a brief stop in Buenos Aires three weeks here I am in the land of samba, caipirinha and paradisiacal beaches. If I can not tell you everything, I'd still like to share my impressions of three unforgettable places of my trip: Salvador de Bahia, Boipeba and Rio de Janeiro.
Salvador de Bahia

I started my journey with a city full of color and music: Salvador de Bahia. This is truly the heart of Brazilian culture. There prevails a festive atmosphere and music is king in these places. Could not cross a repeating group in the street, inviting passers-by to dance. Despite the sweltering heat, it is a city that must be visited on foot and, in particular, the Pelourinho neighborhood where I was seated.

Salvador de Bahia @ Andrea

I highly recommend to go there on Tuesday evening as it takes place there regularly concerts in the center of the old town. This is a great opportunity to mingle with the local population and, why not, try to samba. A little warning right before to rush: go in a group and do not take any valuables with you. If the Pelourinho has an undeniable charm, it is also an area that can be dangerous at night. You avoid problems by not wearing anything that would attract attention and staying in lighted streets. But that does not stop you! Attractions far outweigh the risks.

It is in Salvador that I discovered one of the dishes that today I miss most about our country: acai juice. It is not only delicious but it is also refreshing and nourishing. The juice from a berry (Acai) mainly cultivated in Brazil and is known for its antioxidant and energizing properties. Please do not miss this little gem, perfect terrace by a suffocating heat.

Finally Salvador is also the cradle of capoeira. Between dance and fight, it is an art that is practiced feverishly in this city. It is also not unusual to practitioners practicing on the beach or in the parks. In my hostel, I had a chance to meet a capoeira teacher who undertook the trip to Brazil, especially to train with the great masters of Salvador. So I was invited to attend one of their training sessions behind closed doors where I could see all the intricacies of this art. If physical prowess are breathtaking, I saw the importance of music in the course of training. Practitioners must not only master the techniques of martial but also each of the instruments that shape the battle art. It is therefore a physical as well as musical training. The instruments include the berimbau, a Brazilian musical bow, became the emblem of capoeira. If the martial art does not tempt you, the songs will seduce you. Capoeira shows a beautiful union between body and music. It is a battle in which there are no winners or losers, just a shared pleasure.

Salvador de Bahia @ Andrea

I found it hard to leave Salvador after so many discoveries and encounters, yet my next step proved just as spectacular.

I hesitated before speaking you Boipeba. Like any little piece of paradise, it is desired that it remains intact, almost devoid of any tourist. It is a small island south of the famous "Morro de Sao Paulo." If the dream beaches and lush flora are similar Boipeba is, however, a completely unknown destination for most tourists (even some Brazilians do not know). There are so many miles of white sand beaches where you can cross any human being for several hours. A dream, so for Crusoe aspiring to get away from civilization for a while.

However, be warned, to achieve this eden, you really want it. In other words, if you are traveling as I did with a tight budget, it takes a full day to get to from Salvador. If the distance on the map seem short, the means to achieve it are, in turn, laborious. So I had to take: a boat, two mini-vans (transport current in Brazil), a bus and a boat. In all it was a six-hour journey by chaotic over thirty degrees Celsius. If this trip was certainly challenging, all my tiredness vanished when the boat came out into the harbor of Boipeba. The small fishing village bathed in sunlight and children took advantage of their last swim in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A true paradise.

I stayed a full week, yet I felt like staying there one day. If nightlife lovers may be bored Boipeba, the nature lovers will find their happiness. Between crystal waters and hunt for crabs, it is a true playground that awaits you.

Boipeda - © Andrea

A very personal recommendation before an expedition all day, prepare well your bag. The first day in my enthusiasm to visit these beautiful beaches, I went off and it was only after three hours of walking I realized that I had not taken any money or drinking water. Serious mistake, knowing that the temperature was around 35 degrees.

The following day, being equipped accordingly, I visited each of the beautiful beaches of the island, each more beautiful than the other. I am also often surprised to feel like walking into a postcard.

In some places, local selling coconuts on the beach and you will not find a more refreshing drink that "agua de coco." It is simply a coconut that sellers pierce the machete (or what they have on hand). It'll be more than to put a straw and drink water from the coconut. It is absolutely delicious and you run no risk "intestinal" since the water was sealed in the nut until it is pierced. To consume without moderation.

After a week of total disconnection, it is time for me to return to civilization and the shock can not be bigger because I realize now in Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro

The city symbol of Brazil known to all tourists, especially for its famous carnival. This is a must for anyone who wants to know Brazil. It includes all the advantages of the city with access to the beach (and what beach!) As well as abundant in nature. It is impossible to know Rio in its entirety, so the activities and discoveries are abundant. Among my recommendations include: the ballad along the Ipanema Beach, the beautiful botanical garden in the heart of the city and enjoy Brazilian cuisine in a "Churrascaria".

Rio is a city with many attractions that will appeal to the most demanding tourists. A precaution though: always have an eye on the local weather. Personally, I came to Rio in January and it rained in torrents for most of my stay. Rest assured: you will never cold. The tropical rain Rio has nothing to do with the freezing rain of our country. However, it is desirable to provide an umbrella.

Rio de Janeiro - © Andrea

While remaining in the climate field, I was recommended to get on the Pão de Açúcar to observe one of the most beautiful views of the city. Great idea for sure, but sure, to again, the sky is very clear. Although it does not rain, the clouds seemed to have clustered around the rocky outcrop, blocking any view on any view. Considering the price of the climb, you better be sure that once from above you can see something. Amazingly that day, the same agglutination clouds covered the Cristo Redentor overlooking Rio.

Rio de Janeiro - © Andrea

So allow plenty of time to have the opportunity to enjoy all the facets of this city.

If the hustle and bustle of the big city you want fatigue and inbetween sightseeing, hop on the bus to Ilha Grande, three hours drive from Rio. It is an island of dreams where you find one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil: the famous "Praia Lopes Mendes." I would also tell you about a little story.

In the inn where I was staying, I met an Irishman who tried to tell me this place. He told me to walk on the beach it was like walking on flowers (at least that's what I understood). I thought that was odd, but poetic. It was not until much later in the evening that I realized he was talking about "flour" and not "flower." In other words, the sand was so fine it was like walking on flour, not flowers! I made myself the experience and could not that adhering to this metaphor.

Ilha Grande @ Andrea

If this small sample of travelogue has intrigued you, I have only one advice for you: appointment immediately and book your ticket to Brazil. It is a destination that will not disappoint you and you will have only one desire: to return.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Golf tourism increases rapidly in Asia

Golf in Asia travel is booming, bringing unique golf experiences, sumptuous landscapes, but also an excellent quality-price ratio and a world class service quality that continues to generate more interest for golf vacations throughout Asia.

In Thailand, the East Coast will also get some new world class golf courses. The construction of the new Siam Country Club Waterside race is progressing well and once it will be opened in 2014, it will mark the first 63 holes in Thailand golf resort. In addition, two golf courses in Pattaya changed owner last month. The Phoenix & Golf Country Club is now owned by Hemaraj, a large industrial real estate company and the Rayong Century was bought by TCC Capital Land, a real estate developer of the Thailand.

Still in Thailand, Khao Yai, the Mountain Creek Golf Resort is the only course designed by Seve Ballesteros in Thailand. Featuring 36 holes and an excellent club-house, it is located some 20 km from Khao Yai. If combined with other good golf courses in the region, as Panorama Country Club, Rancho Charnvee Golf Club, and / or Toscana Valley Country Club, could be ideal for a holiday of golf away from the masses of tourists in one of the best established golf destinations.

In Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, the superb Mines Resort & Golf Club (PGA Tour CIMB classic and the site where was held the Asia Tour 1998 with the victory of Tiger Woods) combined with golf at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (Maybank Open European Tour), and the Saujana Golf & Country Club (PGA European Tour and Asian Tour Malaysia Open), you then ferrez perhaps golf travel with the most beautiful journey of your life.

Still in Malaysia, Langkawi, the Datai Bay golf Club will reopen in December 2013. The former route will then make room for a whole new course designed by Ernie Els golf. When the Datai Bay club will reopen it could start at the top of the ranking of golf courses in Malaysia.

In Viet Nam, in the seaside town of Nha Trang, after about 3 years of construction, the full 18 holes at Diamond Bay Resort & Golf is now open and ready to welcome you to play. Initial reports indicate that some challenges still need to be facing the Viet Nam, but nonetheless the second golf course of Nha Trang is a newcomer that will be beneficial to the golf scene. Nha Trang is now also a good alternative to Phan Thiet for its accessibility (airport a few kilometres), golf courses and Resort are all top quality.

Then your golf holiday in Asia, is for when?

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Friday, 12 July 2013

The rental vehicle that suits you

If you plan to travel in a French Department like Martinique, Guadeloupe, and the meeting, we are pleased offer you our services of rental cars. Jumbo because being a stakeholder in the business for a few years already, car rental agencies are located in these departments. Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion, are among the most appreciated of the holidaymakers almost destinations of Europe, but also in other countries of the world like the United States, those coming from the Asian continent. In total, we have implemented 20 rental agencies since the meeting in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Our goal is to serve you according to the standards and expectations. With a fleet of more than 1200 air-conditioned rental cars, enjoy this trip at the other end of the Earth for a stopover of a few days, and in order to obtain the best memories of holidays. Give yourself the opportunity to spend the holiday with the vehicle that suits you the most. You will have a wide choice of vehicle. On this, for a rental car Martinique, here are a few addresses of our branches:

-Le Lamentin - Jumbo Car Airport (97232 Le Lamentin airport Aimé Césaire)

-Diamond - Jumbo Car Diamond Beach (97223 Le Diamant Hotel Diamond beach)

-The sailor - Jumbo because Marina (Boulevard Allegre 97290 Marin)

-Les Trois Ilets - Jumbo because pointe du bout (Marina Pointe du Bout 97229 Les Trois Ilets)

-Sainte-Anne - Jumbo Car Belfond (domain of Belfond face Anchorage 97227 Sainte-Anne)

-Sainte Luce - Jumbo because Pierre & Vacances (Pointe Philippeau 97228 Sainte Luce).

Hoping that you will more hesitate to rent your vehicle at Jumbo Car rental. But let us not forget that, if you go to the meeting, our fleet of vehicles we will also respond to all your needs. No need to wait, enjoy the charms of the tourism of the meeting with this rental car meeting.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Presentation of Beijing: tours and activities

For a first trip to China, the visit of the Chinese capital, Beijing, or called Beijing in mandarin, is needed.

A first discovery of the forbidden city and Tiananmen Square, is needed. This place was once the place where Chinese Emperors lived, and was the centre of Chinese political power. It is the largest and best preserved of the Chinese architectural ensembles.
Nearby, you can make a walk in Tiananmen Square, including the gate of heavenly peace and the Hill of coal, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 ° C on the capital Chinese. Also discover the beautiful and new Beijing opera.

To continue on the classics of the city, we recommend a visit to the temple of heaven located in the enormous Tiantan Gongyuan Park, including the beautiful Rotunda to the multiple roof is one of the most impressive achievements of the architecture of the period Ming.
Outside the city, you can stroll through the immense Park of the summer palace, formerly the resting place of the emperors.

For a more intimate exploration of the city, you can stroll through his old neighborhoods, called hutong, where we offer you a stay in a beautiful hotel of charm of Beijing.
It is also possible to attend a cooking class in Beijing with a local family, to taste the dishes of their daily lives.

Of course, a visit to Beijing would be not complete without the discovery of the great wall of China, where you can perform a hike on one of its sections located a few hours drive from the capital. We recommend a beautiful hike like that of Jinshanling to Gubeikou, otherwise the discovery of a site of the classic wall like Mutianyu, preferably the afternoon.
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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mallorca gem of the Mediterranean

Majorca is a little taste of end of the world in the Mediterranean Sea. 360km of beach, most of fine white sand, warm and crystalline waters. You might easily think in the Caribbean both the panorama and the climate are exotic.

Why not take a tour of the island to discover all its marvellous beaches? Many holiday Majorca rentals will allow you to be mobile on the island and discover at leisure beaches and coves all more sublime than the ones than the others. Your tour of Majorca could begin in Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands. Apart from the sumptuous beaches you will love to discover the port of the city which is very touristy. Nicknamed the city of patios, Palma has around 40 and all are worth a visit. The inevitable de la Ciutat, as local, is the Cathedral of the city. Gothic style overlooking the sea. It is the second Cathedral of Spain after that of Seville which gives an idea about its size.

Then southerly full in Colonia de Sant Jordi. Small charming village, it is an ideal place to relax. Renting a house in Majorca and more specifically in Colonia de Sant Jordi you will have feet in the water of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean such as for example the beaches Dels Estanys, del Carbo, del Dolç or Es Trenc. The village is also facing the archipelago of Cabrera, which is a protected national park. Accessible by boat from the port of Colonia de Sant Jordi, the archipelago of Islands and limestone islets have a singular ecosystem which includes many species of marine wildlife. The sea surrounding home of unusual species such as the bottlenose dolphin and loggerhead turtle which are generally possible to sight by boat. On Earth, or rather in the air are colonies of seabirds who have chosen the place like habitat including the cinereous Shearwater or the Audouin Gull.

To continue your route why do not take the time to swim in the many coves of the North East of the island. The must-see stop on this side of the island is Cala Mezquita which landscapes that breathtaking. Despite the tourist side of this place, there are small coves very calm and pleasant. It is a perfect place to dive and explore the funds.

Before return to Palma and the loop, take time to visit Sóller in the North of the island. This time, beaches with small pebbles but still so crystal clear and warm water which invites to swimming. But what is really worth the detour in Soller is its Bay at the foot of the mountains. The architecture of the city is also very special, you can admire the many houses of art nouveau style aboard a tourist tram in wood that takes you from the port to downtown da city. Although a cliché strand, the voyage aboard the tram is worth nothing to enjoy well installed landscapes marquee to along the river lined with orange and lemon trees.

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Launch of Gigaloc, for a cheap holiday in France!

The time is closer than ever to the reservations of the holiday rentals for this summer, the summer period and the holidays approaching. Offers are numerous on the web, with significant price variations, it is often not easy to find a rental house or mobile home for a given destination.
The new appointment of tips for a holiday in France, Gigaloc was launched this season by tourism professionals to provide the lambda user a simple, comprehensive and fast comparator in order to quickly sort the vacation rentals in France.

To help the user, a selection of the best offers of the tour operators is available to Internet users, be it for a holiday at the sea, mountain or the campaign.

Gigaloc is a specialist on France, with numerous offers in Brittany, on the French Riviera, or in the Périgord that everyone finds the rental of his dreams.

Here are a few links to maximize the possibilities of gigaloc:
Holiday homes:
Mobilhomes and bungalows:

Gigaloc, a real favorite for holidays at mini prices!

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Monday, 8 July 2013

The Riad les Bougainvilliers in Marrakech holidays

Among the best riads offering a rent a riad in Marrakech, the Riad les Bougainvilliers is an authentic Riad located in the medina of Marrakech. Around two patios planted, the House offers rooms and suites with air-conditioning, a lounge with fireplace, a dining room and a swimming pool. Restored in the respect of Arab-Andalusian architecture, interior design favours Moroccan traditional materials. The House extends by the outstanding terrace with panoramic views over the Koutoubia mosque and the Atlas mountains. All suites and rooms placed at your disposal combine with soberness all details of the Moroccan traditional decoration: Tadelakt, kilims, poufs, ornate lamps... Enjoy a wardrobe with safe, reversible air conditioning, single or double room.

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Travel in the tropics another angle

Since 1996, the Passion Excursions offer to discover the island of St. Lucia, through its two channels.

The Northern circuit takes you to the capital Castries. Immerse yourself in the local market and colorful, this is an opportunity for you to visit the Cathedral, passing through Duty free!
The place where you can unwind in the turquoise water in Marigot Bay, before going to lunch "creole" in the mythical restaurant of Charlott'! Last stop in Rodney Bay North Island for a swim before you reset the sails and moor to 5.30 pm at the Marin.

For the programme of the day, Saint Lucia the South circuit takes you at the foot of the peaks in the Soufriere Hills! After about 2 h 30 hours of navigation by taking advantage of the trade winds, you arrive in large overseas Blue Bay from the volcano. You will land on the Quay in the town where a taxi awaits. You will have the privilege of visiting the plantation "Planting Jatobá", private property, dating back to Louis XIV, the place of manufacture of cocoa, copra etc... Visit heritage and discovery of the authentic remains of the operation are in the program. It is under the carbet botanic park that you will be served a creole lunch authentically Saint Lucia!

You leave the site of the volcano for Marigot Bay, a place in Saint Lucia: his unique sandbar and its incredible historical trivia! Swimming and relaxing on the beach before you put the sails for a docking expected around 6 p.m. at the Port of Marin.

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

20 interesting facts Angkor Wat

Famous Cambodia, Angkor Wat world heritage site, is breathtaking. You won't forget is wandering tot morning and explore the sprawling, carved of an once-great civilization ruins.

Enjoy these 20 interesting facts Angkor Wat more to enjoy your visit to Cambodia.

Fact # 1

Angkor Wat is the main reason why more than 50% of international tourists visiting Cambodia. Cambodians are proud of their ancient monument and put it on the Cambodian flag in 1850.

The only other flag of another country in the world that has a national monument is the current flag of the Afghanistan. Images of Angkor Wat also appear on many denominations of banknote Riel.

Fact # 2

Built at the beginning of the 12th century (between 1113 and 1150) Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world.

Made n ° 3

Angkor Wat is particularly oriented towards West, a direction generally associated with death in Hindu culture. Archaeologists and researchers do not agree why former manufacturers have chosen to deviate from the 'standard' at the time.

Made n ° 4

The Bas-reliefs of Angkor Wat are read in a counterclockwise direction, another indication that the temple is associated with funerary rituals.

Fact # 5

Also unusual at the time of the construction, Angkor Wat was dedicated to Vishnu, Hindu deity, rather than the current King.

Fact # 6

Angkor Wat has been moved from Hindu to Buddhist use around the end of the 13th century. The temple is still used by Buddhists today.

Made n ° 7

Jacqueline Kennedy risked a visit to Angkor Wat during the Viet Nam war to achieve a "dream" to see the monument.

Made n ° 8

Angkor Wat translates "city of temples" or simply "Temple of the city.

Made n ° 9

Henri Mouhot, Explorer French, helped bring Angkor Wat to the glory of the West by publishing an account of his visit in the middle of the 19th century.

Fact # 10

The ruins of Angkor span more than 248 square miles (400 square kilometers).

Fact # 11

The sandstone used to build national monument in Cambodia, at least 5 million tonnes with a value had to be transported from a career of 25 miles.

Fact # 12

Angkor Wat has been named site of world heritage by UNESCO in 1992. The site has suffered from decades of unregulated tourism and looting, many ancient statues were decapitated and their heads sold to private collectors. An international collaborative effort allowed to slowly restore sites and avoid a new collapse of the unstable structures.

Fact # 13

Sokimex, a private company founded by a Vietnamese businessman and ethnic Cambodia, praised Angkor Wat in Cambodia since 1990 and manages tourism there - for profit. Sokimex also has a petroleum division manages hotels and operates Sarika Air Services.

Fact # 14

Most of the money to restore Angkor Wat comes from foreign aid. It is estimated that only 28% of ticket sales goes back to the temples.

Fact # 15

A three day passes to explore the temples of Angkor costs 40 US $. A day pass is available for US $20, or a week's pass can be purchased for US $60.

Fact # 16

One of the first Westerners to see Angkor Wat was Antonio da Madalena, a Portuguese monk who visited in 1586. Long before the arrival of Europeans, an appointed Chinese Envoy Zhou Daguan lived at Angkor during one year between 1296 and 1297, he created an account written from her experience, it is some time before 1312. The book of Zhou Daguan, the only account of 13th century Angkor, was translated into English by Peter Harris in the book: A review of Cambodia.

Fact # 17

The Angkor Ta Prohm temple - famous for the large vines that strangle the ruins - has been used as the set of the hit Tomb Raider movie. Paramount has been charged $ 10,000 per day for seven days to film. Unfortunately, some of the iconic trees of growth through the ruins of Ta Prohm had to be removed to preserve the temple of further collapse.

Fact # 18

The exterior wall of origin to Angkor Wat time locked the temple itself, the city and royal palace that occupies a space of 203 hectares or 820,000 square metres. Nothing remains of the wall today.

Fact # 19

Khmer brick are linked almost seamlessly using a compound of vegetables rather than mortar.

Fact # 20

Many visitors do not realize that many of the surfaces of the Angkor temples were once painted. Today, only small traces of painting remains on a few temples.

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Friday, 5 July 2013

At the discovery of the islands of the Indian Ocean

There are currently many tourists looking for holiday, Sun, of sun worshippers who opt for trips on one of the paradise islands of the Indian Ocean. Madagascar, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Réunion, Comoros, etc... leave no indifferent tourists. Do you want to go to sunny destinations? Here is a small selection of the best tourist destinations in the menu Indien.Au Ocean: Beach, sunbathing, Sun, walks, discovery, relaxation, etc... Visit one of the beautiful island of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius. Be aware that Mauritius was formerly an island of France. Experience an authentic and unforgettable in a Mauritius travel with your loved ones or solo.
Madagascar is known worldwide for its lemurs, its Baobab trees, and many other endemic species. A trip to Madagascar is still a unique adventure and unforgettable, full of thrill. This superb adventure offers scenery of dreams. Also during your trip, you will discover the seven varieties of baobab, the thousand species of orchids, chameleons, the largest Butterfly in the world and many others yet to be discovered. Madagascar is a very special island that is really worth trying!
The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 small paradise islands. The Seychelles are at the heart of the Indian Ocean! Gorgeous beaches, a vast expanse of white sand and sparkling sea will be at the rendezvous on your trip to measure SeychellesVous will also enjoy the diverse scenery where intermingle wet environments, forests, cliffs and villages. Discover the splendor and all the riches of this Indian Ocean archipelago, as well as its vibrant culture.So, what will be your next destination, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, or other?
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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Choose sites for family, friends, your couple

You will spend some time in the Vaucluse, either with your family or with your friends, or as a couple even. A vacation rental is necessary, because you do not want to go to a hotel. The cottages are a very attractive solution.

You go on vacation in a quiet location of Vaucluse where you plan well your family to enjoy while outside the usual framework you have in you. A rural gite in Vaucluse will undoubtedly meet your expectations. Indeed, a wide choice of House often offers to those who want to rent a cottage in the Vaucluse. All are whole and furniture houses, but the difference is in the number of rooms and the quality of the home. Thus, if you are a large family, this option is the most interesting, some cottages that can accommodate 14 persons at the same time. It seems without doubt foolish, because a House is not necessary for two lovers who want to stay together, but it is especially the fact that a cottage Vaucluse will remain in total privacy which is the most interesting. In addition, it is possible to find deposits in a sumptuous setting in places as the Domaine Saint Victor, and in others still. Housing in nature and in a romantic setting will be available in most cases, make a reservation as soon as possible simply.
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hotel in Karachi

Karachi is the 6th largest city in the world and is the largest in Pakistan. The capital of the province of Sindh, the city is the heart of the country's economic and financial activities. It is found on the coast is the sea of Arabia and North-West of the Indus River. It is a cosmopolitan city, so there are different cultures that exist. In addition, it contains famous monuments such as the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, museums, Clifton Beach... Many people went there and were surprised by the city with tourist sites, buildings, and even respect for people. So if you do not want to be part of the people who make that look by far the magic of the city, come to Karachi, because it will make you mad with love for her. So, book your hotel now.
The Ramada Plaza Karachi hotel is a rank 3.5 star hotel with 4 floors, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant within the hotel. Upon arrival at the airport, you can reach and he would send a shuttle to pick you up. The hotel is close to a few sites like University of Karachi, Karachi War Cemetery, PakistanAir Force Museum... The rooms are of a Royal affinity, because design is out of the ordinary. The Interior is very luxurious, comfortable with superb views. And of course, the rooms are all air-conditioned, included minibar, free internet access, an LCD TV with satellite channel and a safe you will be guaranteed. In the restoration, he serves, every day, a continental breakfast and it's free. Room service is also available. On the entertainment front, there is a swimming pool and a whirlpool on the spot; a sauna, a steam bath and a fitness centre are also available throughout the day. A limousine and town car service is also available at this hotel. The pool bar will be there to quench your thirst if need be.
Marriott Karachi Hotel, 4 stars, is located in the heart of Karachi near a beach and nearby following sites: Hockey Club of Pakistan, National Museum of Pakistan,... Hotel was built in 2006 and rises in height with 9 floors; the total number of available rooms is 217, well air-conditioned, luxurious, comfortable. In the rooms, minibar, internet access via telephone line, a CD and DVD player with TV cable/satellite channels will be at your disposal. In the premises, the common areas are air-conditioned, and you will be given the presence of a bar/lounge. Namely, the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor; Therefore, you can even swim night according to your wishes and desires. And in catering, the restaurant of the hotel is always available 24 hours a day and the same for the room service. To the question of entertainment, you can enjoy 2 swimming pools, a fitness center in the form, a sauna, a fitness centre, a steam bath, tennis (nearby) and walking/riding horse back riding (nearby). The view from the hotel of the city, the evening is more than sublime.
Now, by finding, almost all countries of the world are constructions to make their country visited and living such as hotels, guest rooms or different infrastructure. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to choose between the different hotels in the country; but fortunately, our stays comparator could be your guide between several choices of cheap hotels. According to their principle, the site is free, can satisfy you, and especially to compare the hotels according to your wishes.
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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bayon, a link between heaven and Earth


After his coronation in 1181, our old friend Jayavarman VII launched a massive public works program that found its ultimate expression in its capital Angkor Thom and his heart, the Bayon temple.

As Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom is nothing less than a physical representation of the universe. The city is divided into four parts by perpendicular axes in the Middle, with growing Bayon where the axes meet: standing as a link between heaven and Earth, a symbol of the mythical Mount Meru. A now dry moat was the cosmic ocean.

Tourists can visit the many narrow passages in the temple, who formerly wore the statues of the minor local deities. Lower galleries of the temple are filled well preserved, extremely detailed bas - relief carvings, showing the events of Hindu Mythology, the Khmer history, and vignettes of the lives of ordinary subjects of Jayavarman.

Nothing is more convincing, however, that the forest of 54 laps on the upper level of the temple, each carrying four large faces next four geographic divisions, totaling more than 200 faces all in all.

Trivia: The faces on the towers have a striking resemblance to King Jayavarman himself!

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Do not leave the Maldives without your diamond solitaire.

A small section of a friend that caters especially to couples, to those who will make their request. Admittedly, the place to do so and the preparation of the honeymoon trip are very important details, but there may be application without property on the beautiful ring.

This isn't your wedding trip which you have entrusted the Organization but rather your "journey of engagement" because it is on the occasion of this exceptional event that you'll make your marriage proposal. It's much more romantic to hand over her engagement ring, a knee in the white sand of an atoll in the Indian ocean, with the sunset as a single witness, in the greyness of the Parisian winter. For the Organization of your stay, "prestige-travel" has thought of every detail and you know until the name of the pilot of the aircraft which will lead you in Noonu, in the Maldives, but for the realization of your engagement ring, it is a different matter. How to not to mislead you? How to choose diamond certified your Solitaire in perfect knowledge of the criteria which make the quality, how recognize sapphires or natural processed stones Burmese rubies, emeralds or opals from coober pedy are stones too fragile to be crimped on an engagement gold ring? All of these issues, our gemologists gems company friends, respond in a site entirely devoted to the engagement: A private space in which this Parisian jeweler delivers all of its secrets, fruit of his experience of several generations in the service of lovers...
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