Monday, 29 July 2013

Creation of a common visa program computerized four ASEAN countries

Bagan Myanmar Burma Asia Travel 300x225 photoLes governments of Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines will collaborate on the creation of a joint program of computerized visa. The declaration of intent, which is to encourage travel and tourism flows, was signed by the four countries, on June 5, at the 22th Asian Forum for the global economy.

The project, which is shared by the Ministries of Tourism of the four governments is part of a broader initiative promoted by all countries of the Association of the Southeast Asian (ASEAN) there are two years.

As explained by the Indonesian Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, "tourism is a priority for the business community of the association, as well as the creation of integration between countries possible. "

The project, proposed for the first time at the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta in 2011, has already been validated between Thailand and Cambodia and will enter into force in four other countries in 2015. The initiative is particularly important in a country like Myanmar, where the military regime was in power until elections in 2011, controlled the influx of foreign visitors for years.

Hatay U Aung, Minister of Tourism of Burma, said the new policy asserted that "the purpose of the common visa eliminate bureaucratic barriers that discourage visitors to travel throughout the region. "He added that" this will be achieved by working closely with other governments. "

In a region where the tourism industry is a major driver of the economy, facilitating local movements could give a significant boost to each country and to promote the inflow of foreign capital.

The 'smart' visa was introduced in Australia in 1996. This is an electronic document that replaces the traditional visa may be issued by travel agencies or airlines.

As explained by the Secretary of Tourism of the Philippines, Ramon R. Jimenez Jr., "we try to make the best use of new technologies to reduce waste. "

Would you be tempted by this type of visa finally make it easier to visit several countries in South East Asia?

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