Friday, 19 July 2013

Go to Valencia in Spain

You want to spend a short stay in Valencia in Spain, but you do not speak a word of Spanish?
I have a good plan for you that will allow you to best holiday in Hispanic countries. I'm even a fan of this good plan, because I had the chance to do when I was still at college.
Admittedly, this is not exactly the same thing, but it comes back a bit the same. I advise you to get a small linguistic stay in Valencia. Valencia is a town in the East of the country. I already had the opportunity to go for a ride and I must say that it is really a nice city. I could not stay there long, because my real destination was further. The positives of a course are that they allow you to learn the language of the country in the country even while being able to visit what surrounds you.

This is good, right? The little extra, I find, is that being in the country to learn, you can more easily use what you have just learned to put into practice your lessons. It is the fastest way to make progress in the language. In fact, as you'll see signs, words transparent and many other things that you are going to quickly assimilate enough just walking. So, you'll more quickly vocabulary that people who learn Spanish while remaining in France. I me, as I you said, do a small course that allowed me to have a better level in Spanish while I already had a very good base. Due to visit the country is also still more to learn the language in order to understand everything. To eat well, because most of the small restaurants, the servers do not know speak English, then imagine not even hear them speak French. It is best therefore know what lies in his plate, so it must be able to read the card.

After well learning Spanish, feel free to do a little tour of Spain. Including in Valencia. I went to Andalusia for example, and I have to say that it is a wonderful place. I find that the Spain is really a beautiful country that dépaysage us completely. And then must also say that Spaniards are much more friendly with foreigners than the French. If you have the opportunity to go to Spain to learn Spanish, do not hesitate, it is really a very good plan. You will not be disappointed, quite to the contrary.

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