Thursday, 18 July 2013

Munich: The "secret capital of Germany" defies Berlin

Munich less than 60 minutes from the centre of the Switzerland? I figure it must be test it! Venue so on the tarmac at Bern/Belp, where the colourful company Skywork (possible reservation via ebookers) has launched its new daily connection with the Bavarian capital. Actually, less than an hour later, me here is posed in a few metro stops from my goal, and this at the end of a journey without the stress of major airports and with the amenities of a rather nice snack, and even an iPad ready for passengers, the time of flight (entertainment on board...)

Fly as if it were a private airplane!

Marienplatz appointment with my guide Helga. Since the time that she explores every nook and cranny, it knows all of his town, until statistics which make froth: "more than 6 million litres of beer - always! -200,000 pairs of sausages and 500,000 chickens!" What it therefore refers? At the overflowing Oktoberfest, obviously! Traditionally, these two weeks of binge drinking last from mid-September to the first days of the following month: Prost!

Hofbräuhaus, the temple of Munich beer.

Beyond the ethyl cliché, four times larger than Paris metropolis is also a rich cultural scene: more than 40 theatres, museums and countless publishing houses.

This summer, the Opera celebrates the 200th anniversary of Verdi and Wagner.

It also cultivates the art of divert its visitors between opulence and hardiness, avant-garde and conservatism, elegance and bawdiness. Thanks to its green spaces, Munich is never oppressive, despite its soon 1'400 ' 000 inhabitants. Probably also because in a few decades, the most popular were wisely abandoned pedestrian. This metamorphosis of the urban landscape started with the allocation of 1972 Olympic Games, games which have revived the local economy, annexing part BMW, Adidas and other Siemens.

BMW Welt, Munich temple dedicated to the beautiful bodies.

Munich also has its latin quarter - Schwabing - stronghold of students and institutions trend. Ready for a walk? So follow me in 65 seconds of video!

Like me, the visitor can limit its field of exploration areas mainly pedestrian and nearby Marienplatz, the nerve center with its two hotels in town. The most recent, neo-Gothic, aligns an amazing procession of automata (chime animation) and statufies officials. Older houses a touching selection of toys old, even if ZAM (Centre of unusual museums, Westenriederstraße 41) the bat in originality, with its collections of Easter bunnies, cars with pedals and other... Chamber pots.

In addition to museums, Munich has its "memorial" Jackson, improvised on the sidewalk!

But this week, everyone only talks about reopening after the Lenbach (on Königsplatz) Villa, architect Norman Foster added a most spectacular annex indoors and outdoors. Light setting for Munich artists of the past two centuries, especially those attached to the Blaue Reiter (blue rider), the artistic movement of expressionist inspiration inspired Klee and Kandinsky.

Magnificent stalactite in the lobby, just inaugurated.

Still need reminding that Munich has what fill lovers of baroque? Proud of its sumptuous high altar and painted ceiling, the Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche) rivals that of St. Peter (Peterskirche, the oldest in the city) and the adorable Asamkirche, including frescoes, sculptures, gilding and stucco overload strives to deceive the eye.

It is not luxurious addresses that are lacking, to eat and drink (here: Hotel Bayerischerhof)

The pleasures of the palate are also those good mouth. To get your appetite, nothing beats an immersion at the Viktualienmarkt. THE Munich market created in 1807, still in the old town: shops and charming cottages dedicated to the products of the soil in the shade of a big greasy pole covered with joyful figurines. As I resisted the temptation to stuff me of delicious pretzels - stars of these permanent stalls - it is time to pass at the table. No, the card is not limited to the filling Knodel and variations of meats! Of course, Shanks or roast pork remain safe values, such as the stew served with grated horseradish, but we must at least try the Obatza, this sort of runny camembert mixed with butter or crushed with pepper, onion, salt, cumin and pepper: an invigorating formula that should allow me to deal calmly with the rest of the day!

A piano placed at disposal of passers-by music lovers. Testimony of the Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit"...

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