Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Travel alternative: a new way to discover the world!

Travel is an integral part of our development since the dawn of time, but too many people spend today alongside such experience, because it became more a priority. Yet all who you are, stay taped behind your screens to enjoy the stories, photos or videos with other parts of the world. So, why deprive you see such things with your own eyes?

The first impression about the trip is that it at a cost. Certainly it will be a very important if you consider tour operators who sell stays all inclusive and pre-programmed. But the notion of money did not matter in the alternative travel and is even banned for the more adventurous!

In the travel, the money has only one function: reduce the time needed to reach a goal. Through the alternative journey you things to take the temps.plutot to pay a ticket to join in a few hours a destination try the stop or the bike over several weeks! Prefer to sleep at the inhabitant instead of trying to go to the youth hostel or hotel,... the list and long, but we can meet all of our needs without money or almost.

The reality of alternative travel is if you are perpetually in motion, you will not need money by soliciting whenever new people. It is not Nans and musts from Nus and culottés which will tell you the opposite!

By limiting your expenses to the maximum, you will more meetings and share unique moments. However, don't forget that a free service to you will be paying for those who decide to help you! Do not miss to always offer your help if necessary and thank them!

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