Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tutorial photo: improvement of a dull photo during a trip to holidays abroad

When we travel,.

especially abroad

and on holidays,

It is of course difficult

to return to a site

to take a new photo

When the first is not a success!

Photo editing in post production

makes sense then.

A few Tips

in this tutorial photo

from a panorama

one of the famous wooden churches

near Sanok in Poland.

Panorama of one of the famous churches of wood in Poland

on Sunday, with the arrival of the faithful for the mass

(you can click to enlarge the photo)

Photos Poland 2013: all rights reserved ©

Theinitial image

is unsatisfactory

and this picture is unlikely

in the beautiful album

your best holiday memories

The original photo is much less flattering!

(there you can click to enlarge)

"but I think that you will be less likely to do so!)

Photos Poland 2013: all rights reserved ©

So let's open Photoshop

(or even free software

such as Photophiltre or The Gimp).

Objective of photo editing :

find the real colors

the landscape during the trip to Poland

Diagnosis of the original photo:

too light photo (over-exposure),

not quite brightly coloured and marked

(including sky)

The different steps of photo editing :

1 / The gray levels management

The levels feature

allows you to display

a histogram of the gray levels.

Very clearly,

There's much too much white

in the picture.

The problem is that the Church

is very dark and the sky

is very white,.

You cannot apply the same correction

across the image

2 / Partial selections in the photo and corrections

Through the Color Selectiontool,

I first selects the Church,

to apply a dark photo filter (orange)

in order to emphasize the contrasts.

The management of the gray levels

also allows you to enhance the effect

The Sky is then selected

and a Blue filter it

is applied to regain its original color

The stamp tool

also allows to transform

a bit of white sky in blue sky

3 / The image finishes

The brightness of the whole

is quite significantly reduced

to mitigate the effect of the backlight

I'll let you judge the result

and let me know of any remarks,.

positive as well as more critics

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