Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Everyone knows the adage: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! How then tell a stay in the city of all possible? Ask your friends to return from Las Vegas and you'll get stories very summaries, kind "It was super", "I myself am well burst", "this city is crazy", "Has been the Festival for 3 days", etc. Few acknowledge with spent mad sums in casinos or participated in crazy nights, (except the beasts!) and a small number will tell you to be married "for fun", but without details!

Las Vegas Blvd South, from the top of the Eiffel Tower

I went twice to Las Vegas, and like everyone else I tell nothing of my stay for those who, encouraged by the offer of ebookers flight + stay, would go to to make inracontables memories, here are all the same tips for a great stay in Las Vegas, without breaking the Bank

It is not necessary to love legalized gambling to enjoy the villel' arrival in Las Vegas is an unforgettable, by road as by avionles Las Vegas surroundings are beautiful, rent a car and visit the environssi play you, set yourself a budget to not exceed under any pretext! if you're afraid of not being able to resist the lure of the gamehave on you that a small amount (about $50) and not credit card. Play, play, and go calmly to your hotel after have spent them! look at the luxury of all these hotels and casinos and deduct for yourself who are the winners of casino games! if you decide to get married in Las Vegas, do recognize your marriage to be valid in Switzerland or in France. Otherwise, it will remain a memory that will stay in Vegas! it has fabulous concerts and shows in Las Vegas, enjoy! it's pretty easy to get an "upgrade" in the hotels of Las Vegas. Show you persuasive and smiling, it will perhaps give you a fabulous suite without change in price! the best season to visit Las Vegas: May and June and from mid September to late October. In winter, the nights are cool and in midsummer, it is really too hot day. New York New York in Las Vegas

Valley of Fire State Park, only Nevada has only an hour from Las Vegas

Hotel Bellagio

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