Thursday, 25 July 2013

Win a ticket to a value of € 500!

Hello everyone! Here your traveller servant Jacky! I made you a little note for you speak of a good travel plan.
Usually here I speak of my trips and my practical advice for your trips. However, here you have the opportunity and the chance to win a small airline ticket with a value of 500 euros with CuPonation (click to enter).
The modalities of participation are simple: just quickly explain where you would go if you win this competition and why (all in less than 140 characters). In addition, you will need to leave your mail to receive the CupoNation newsletter. Frankly, if it is to receive this kind of good plan travel, it worth really =)

Attention however, the contest has already begun since 13 June (yesterday), and will end in the vicinity of July 4, 2013. However, the date of participation can be extended if the contest meets success. So don't wait any longer and enter the contest for may be win your ticket worth up to 500 EUR!
CupoNation is a site that usually offers coupons for most of your favorite shops. Really very convenient if you are looking for a last minute discount!

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