Friday, 9 August 2013

A good new holiday plan gives you ideas and advice to travel and discover the world, and you are many to participate and to provide your comments and experiences. Today makes you part of a good new plan for those who cannot always go on holiday with us: our pets.

Do you know
As you know, our pets are part of the family, but it cannot always take them to travel...
With this new site, you can now go quiet journey, knowing your well kept pets, and continue to save money on your holiday budget.

Registering on, you can create your co-gardiens network and participate in this new concept of sharing and mutual aid: the exchange of free custody of your pets.

The principle is simple: by registering with, you can choose the types of animals that you accept to keep and make contact with other co-gardiens in order to proceed to the exchange of free childcare during your respective holidays (and it also works the WE!).

A smart and economic concept that allows not only to travel serene, but also to make considerable savings on the holiday budget (the subscription is €29 per year only, and gives access to discounts and promotions)!

With and, the holiday ideas is for you and your pets also! To learn more, visit

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