Saturday, 10 August 2013

Do you really know the France?

Everyone think you know the France: its diverse landscapes, its greedy terroirs, its renowned vineyards, medieval villages, its sunny coastline, its rich museums, its snow-capped mountains, ancestral traditions...

But are you really sure to not miss out on experiences unforgettable, barely visible even on the internet? Today, fifteen major sites attract 90% of visitors while the France has nearly 44,000 monuments. Every day, craftsmen put the key under the door due to lack of customers, winemakers seek opportunities to their wine yet high with talent, territories are waiting you to deliver their hidden treasures, farmers wish to discover the quality of their product... Unfortunately, the offers that you see for hours on the Internet are too often the same, formatted with the minimum of pleasure. However, our citizens have increasingly need to find authentic locations, real craft products, simple relationships enabling them to learn things...

For this reason, we have created, to allow you to discover another France, authentic, beautiful and eternal. is a creative agency travel and recreation measure destined to the France. Our mission, which motivates us every morning, is to find new routes, new "unusual" locations that allow you to share emotions with enthusiasts who will treat you as a member of their own family. Our partners like us, the beautiful and the good, authenticity and the true obsession. Because we offer only what we like and we know well, our trips come under three different experiences:

Thanks to wine and gastronomy, we offer stays carefully prepared, in collaboration with passionate players who will guide through local products, traditional recipes, wines of quality and above all experiences very different which will delight your thirst for authenticity.

Through culture and heritage, our trips allow you to learn things by marrying tours in well-known monuments and other unsung, but all providing insight into the large or the small history of France. Our guides are enthusiasts who are committed to transmit new knowledge while maintaining a fun and casual, for memories.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, we are in the heart of the event Marseille Provence 2013, the big event of the year in Provence. Marseille, through Mucem, 'the large workshop of the Midi', 700 exhibitions and new cultural spaces (J1, etc), became a cultural nugget who really deserves that you spend her time. We are able to make your stay unforgettable and change your look on the city.

And if you're just looking for information, do not hesitate to consult our blog and subscribe to our newsletter where we take the time to make you dream and allow you to better know this beautiful country is the France.

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