Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Go make the discovery and appreciation of jade in China

The Chinese art pieces sold worldwide testify to the attractiveness of China for many people. Anyone who has the opportunity to take a trip there also know that the memories he (or she) will bring in rich colors, with pictures, meetings and strong in flavors and sensations.

China is full of breathtaking landscapes, in addition to discover ethnic diversity. The tours typically offer a wide range that wants so that visitors can enjoy the most specific aspects of this vast territory, with a millenary tradition.

In fact, everyone immediately understands that any stay in China will inevitably be limited, unless they settle for work or family reasons. However, regardless of the duration of a trip to China, the report remains the best goal.

Taking a theme, the tourist will be more or less attached to what he expects from his trip. For example by choosing to study the jade, a traveler will prioritize visits to museums, ethnic store or jewelry. This is the jade, a gem especially popular in China and symbolizes power, but also happiness, luck, prosperity, etc.. In ancient times, emperors held the Ruyi scepter jade which gave them absolute power.

A trip around the jade will always lead the visitor in the Chinese Southwest, in Yunnan Province, famous for the production of this gem (plus ruby). Moreover, every year, a fair of stone held in Kunming, capital of Yunnan.

Number of jewelry is made with jade: pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.. The decor also includes articles made of jade, and small statuettes green, representing the smiling Buddha, or Fo protective dogs.

A trip to China around the jade is certainly pleasant. Not forgetting that the Chinese porcelain is an integral part of Chinese arts, as well as silk painting ... Very beautiful ceramic jewelry are also made by artisans in China.

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