Saturday, 10 August 2013

Luxury in Senegal travel

Let yourself be tempted by the plethora of green landscapes of Senegal but also vast expanses that dot the baobabs witnesses of centuries-old historical facts. This country through not less than 4 rivers will not fail to seduce you.
One of them comes from the massif of the Fouta-Djalon in Guinea land. There is also the Senegal River its name as well as the rivers Saloum, Gambia and Casamance to the country. The inhabitants welcome to Senegal tourist with respect and deference. The received values of the main religions (Islam and Catholicism) occupy a prominent place. Lovers of luxury tourism, do not miss to discover the highlights of tourism in the country of the Teranga we present to you below.

She seduces by the calm waters of its sea. It consists of two regions: Fatick and Thies. We discover beautiful beaches for a distance of 120 km. Do not miss the opportunity to visit during your luxury travel in Senegal:
• Sine-Saloum which has many species of birds in the Park.
• Me bour and its area of protection of flora and fauna.
• the most famous beach of the region: Nianing
• The Magdalen Islands Park: it is located close to the Senegalese capital, there are several colonies of seabirds.
• Park of the Saloum delta: there are marine birds such as storks, flamingos pink and marabouts.
We cannot design a luxury travel in Senegal without discovering the notorious Goree island. The architecture of the houses is attractive and you can buy many memories. The boat from the Senegalese capital take you less than an hour and several guides are available on-site.
Close to the Airport International Léopold Sédar Senghor, the capital, is located the Centre International du Commerce exterior Africain (CICES). It is an integrated Convention Center which has a pool of secretariat of several rooms and about twenty offices. It offers several services: travel agency, Bank, Internet, telex, telefax, Internet, telephone...
It also allows a good storage of goods through its modern facilities. All of the Congress that the number of participants was higher than 500 y were required in the recent past. It is only since the construction of the Meridien President hotel, which includes a room 1200 seats and car parks over 1,000 vehicles that the organizers no longer seen as the only option. The Meridien President has a Palace of Congress which 5 km² surface lends itself to exhibitions, conferences or congresses. You can also discover 40 meeting rooms with audio and video equipment of last generation.
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