Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pornic for your thalasso stay

If you are tired or overworked, it's time to offer a week of Thalassotherapy in Pornic. Beneficial for the body and mind, practical nursing will be for you the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries to start on the right foot.

For a thalasso stay, Pornic is the ideal destination in Loire-Atlantique. 20 Kilometres from Saint Nazaire, this coastal town offers interesting sights. During your moments of freedom, visit its castle and its historic district. You will stroll among its cottages and villas from beaches to the old-fashioned charm. Finally, you won't miss to discover the Dolmen of Predaire, fisheries of the city or its Faïencerie, famous for its bowls with typical and coloured flowers. You won't miss to repatriate some for your friends or your family. On the Jade coast, many wellness centres welcome you. They offer Thalassotherapy stays to relax, to de-stress, to treat his insomnia, to stop smoking or lose weight. In a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, care are carried out by a competent and very professional staff. Make a Thalasso in Pornic present many advantages, because sea water has ideal properties for the body, with its many trace elements that strengthen bone and act on the muscles and thyroid. Its marine algae are also known in the region. For the slimming cures, they act in a beneficial manner on the body fat and give outstanding results in this type of treatment.

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