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The 1st Festival of heritages by UNESCO Viet Nam-ASEAN will be held in the Highlands of the center of the Viet Nam

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The 1st Festival of heritages by UNESCO Viet Nam-ASEAN (Viet Nam-ASEAN UNESCO Heritage Festival) will take place in the province of Lam Dong in the the Central Highlands of Viet Nam from 27 to 31 December 2013, with the participation of guests and partners in ASEAN.

The festival aims to popularize the heritages of the Viet Nam which have been recognized by UNESCO, or which will be submitted to UNESCO for recognition, create a forum for Viet Nam, countries in the region and their partners in order to share experiences on conservation and promotion of heritage values and to help promote closer ties and friendship between the countries of the region.

Guests coming from the India, China, the Japan and South Korea will join representatives of the Member countries of ASEAN, in addition to those of the Vietnamese provinces, reported the Viet Nam Communist Party on its website.

The festival will also present undeveloped landscapes as well as individuals, the potential and the advantages of the Viet Nam in general, as well as reveal the Central Highlands to the international community.

The event will coincide with the 120th anniversary of the founding of the city of Da Lat in the province and the fifth Festival of the flowers of Da Lat. On occasion, the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism and the people's Committee of the province will announce the national year of tourism in Highlands from the centre of Da Lat for the year 2014.

There will be events including an international conference on the conservation and sustainable development of heritage UNESCO in Southeast Asia, an exhibition and a seminar on the flowers of Da Lat and tourism, performance of intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO to the Viet Nam and other countries in ASEAN.

Ten works of art from famous cultural works in 10 countries of ASEAN will also be displayed during the event.

To date, the Viet Nam has 16 heritage recognized by UNESCO.

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