Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Visiting a city in the South of the France

I finished my school year early so I was already able travel a little bit. Certainly, it was a short trip, but it always.
I went on holiday in the South of the France to see a longtime friend. It is always a good way to go when it already has someone you know in a place that one has not yet visited.

Indeed, so I decided to go on holiday in Toulouse. I have family also the bottom, but I don't see that in the large family meals because the journey is quite expensive if we decide from the often and more family. I was first asked in a hotel close to the train station to avoid having too many road to ask my suitcases. I'm the kind of girl to bring any of his wardrobe on vacation so it is not practical to have to make the way to ask.
Then, I joined my friend so he could let me know a little his favorite in this city and of course tourist places places. I was lucky, as seen that it was not really in high season, there was therefore not many tourist. What facillite things to visit. Then, I was doing a little bit of shopping to bring back memories. I love to bring things of the places where I'm going. It's like a kind of trophies for me. It is also the opportunity to buy souvenirs for your family and your friends who remained where you live. In the evening, I wanted to discover the city at night.

I find that it's completely different to visit a city day and night, it's a bit like visiting another city. So I went to a restaurant with my friend in order to eat a little bit and then we went walk us. Indeed as early as the dark, buildings, monuments and other old town are lit, this is, I think, a good development of this city.
I could not been long since I had to return home fairly quickly, but I find that leave out the summer to also of the good. If you have a holiday off the two months where everyone goes on vacation, go relax somewhere. You can be on that there will be less tourists than in the high season, and it's a plus to be better able to relax I find.

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