Friday, 23 August 2013

Zefly, a unique and original flight comparator

Zefly, a unique and original flight comparator

Discover a unique concept in the world of vol. ZEfly comparators offers exactly the same function as those competitors. We compare over 500 travel sites (airlines, Charter, low cost flights, travel agencies,...) and in a few seconds, we will give you the best available price offers. Our results are 100% objective and can be easily sorted by multiple criteria. It is also possible to see the change in the price of his ticket to +/-8 days.

The peculiarity of ZEfly, it is its solidarity and responsible action. ZEfly is committed to financially supporting humanitarian and environmental associations with the generated profits.

This is of course transparent to the users of the site. It is not them who pay and the quality of the comparator's flight is not biased as far.

In summary, ZEfly works like other flight with a notorious difference comparators: Zefly shares its profits and it makes all the difference.

So why hesitate? Adopt

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